A Brief Note On Football And Its Universal Rules.

Football is played on a rectangular field having goal posts at the end of the field. The ball can be round or oval.

Association football is also known as football or soccer. Football is a game played between 2 teams having 11 players in one team. Football can be played by kicking the ball or by passing the ball. Football is played on a rectangular field having goal posts at the end of the field. The ball can be round or oval. The player can kick the ball or pass the ball from one player to the. Such game is also called as rugby. Britishers would call the football game as rugby.football_positionsHere in association football, the main object of the game is to score more by getting the ball into the opposing goal. Most interestingly, only the goalkeepers are the players who are allowed to touch the ball with their hands and arms while playing. Other players can use their feet to strike the ball and they can also use their head to kick the ball. The team which scores more by kicking and passing the ball at the end of the match will be the winner of the match. In case, both the teams score the equal number of scores, then the game will be a draw or they might give extra time to play in order to complete the match.

In 1863, the rules of the association football were codified in England by the football association. Even there are women’s who play football and there is also women’s association where matches happen between 2 countries. The football is the oldest game, since then the women association is formed and women’s are playing, from the time football game has existed.footballFootball tips refer to a person who regularly provides information on outcomes of sports events. A football tips person is called tipster. A tipster is a term used in the UK who gives information regarding football events, football news, football stories etc. A football tip does not mean a person who keeps giving information it also means the events happened or in other words, the matches happened in the past. Such things are also called as tips. So football is a game which is loved by everybody since olden days. Even in the ancient period, Chinese used to play football. But the name of the game differs from country to country. Some might call it as soccer, and some might call it as rugby and we Indians call it as a football game. Rules are the same, but the name of the game is different.football_positionsAt last, I would conclude that football is one of the oldest and most popular games in the world. This game is played by men and women. In most of the countries, football has its own importance than any other sports game. In our country, the football game has its own importance but everybody likes cricket the most. So, it depends on one country to another. There are countries who give first preference to football than cricket.

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