A Neopets Dailies That You Should Bet On

The Neopets game is perfect for those who just want to plainly relax and distract themselves with an entertaining but simple online game. Okay, Neopets is like the new tamagotchi or the pet version of The Sims, although the Neopets game does have more activities and goals that you can do. As a virtual pet owner, you’d want your Neopets to receive the best items and lifestyle possible, so you want to earn more money. Neopets Dailies are the answer to your problem, as the name states these are daily challenges that you can choose to play.

Neopets Dailies can be found in various locations, each daily would provide their own prizes and would ask for different requirements; there are those that you have to pay for and you can only rely on your luck while others would require you to unlock other places before you are granted access. In case you failed or your luck ran out today then you can always come back again tomorrow and the day after that. There are no limits as to how many times you can try, but you are limited to a single try a day for the majority of the dailies.


Wheel of Extravagance

Okay it’s time to test your luck on the most expensive wheel in the entire Neopets game, spinning the Wheel of Extravagance will cost you 100,000 Neopoints and prices are only allowed to be spun once a day.


  • Scorchstone – the player will receive a 100 rarity item at random.
  • Small Sized NPs bag – you will earn 25,000 NPs, which is frankly nothing compared to how much you spent.
  • Medium Sized NPs Bag – the bag contain 50,000 NPs.
  • Large Sized NPs bag – you have won 100,000 NPs which is a little more than what you spent.
  • Starred Stamp – get a Wheel of Extravagance Stamp.
  • Paint Brush – you’ll be given a random paint brush.
  • Lightning Bolt – all the Neopets you have will sadly lose half of their health.
  • Blank Square – get an avatar.


  • Two Muscular Biceps – all active pets will get 10 stat points on any random start but it will not increase the level.
  • Muscular Bicep – every active pet will receive 5 stat points on a random stat, but it would not increase the level.
  • X mark – the player will receive absolutely nothing.

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