A Number of Carrageenan Side Effects

So basically, carrageenan consists of numerous red algae and seaweeds which are typically used for medicine. In case you don’t know carrageenan is also used for intestinal problems, tuberculosis, coughs and bronchitis; there also those that use carrageenan on their skin. When manufacturing is concerned, carrageenan is used for its ability to enhance the thickness and stability of mixtures. Carrageenan side effects can vary, sometimes there even no side effects at all but we’ll discuss some of the said effects or side effects of carrageenan. 54

Side Effects of Carrageenan

Carrageenan is likely safe for the majority of people out these if consumed in small food amounts; too much of anything is not good for anyone’s health. There’s a type of carrageenan that’s altered and processed to treat peptic ulcers. This type of carrageenan has a tiny possibility of being unsafe, although there’s no solid evidence that it can cause cancer.news-eco-0131

Warnings and Special Precautions

  1. Breast-feeding and pregnancy: carrageenan is relatively safe in the amounts found in everyday food, but it’s not all that clear if it’s still safe when consumed in higher amounts. Carrageenan is often consumed in higher amounts when used as medicine, but to say on the safe side you can avoid carrageenan as medicine altogether.
  2. Bleeding disorders: there’s a possibility that carrageenan can slow blood clotting and even increase the bleeding. So there’s a theory that carrageenan may worsen a person’s bleeding disorder.
  3. Lower blood pressure: some medical practitioners believe that carrageenan may help lower a person’s blood pressure. But of course if a person already has low blood pressure then they should steer clear of any carrageenan medication.
  4. Surgery: as we mentioned, there are theories that carrageenan might help lower blood pressure or slow blood clotting. Carrageenan might complicate blood pressure control during a surgical procedure thus increasing the risks.


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