All You Need To Know About Goose Hunting

Goose hunting has been one of the most labor intensive water fowling. Many spring snow goose hunts escapades end up in tribulations and trials for the hunters, especially during the olden days before the introduction of theoutboard motor. It used to be hard to reach the goose loafing areas on sandbars which were exposed by river levels which were fluctuating. Heavy current also used to be a hindrance meaning, they had to use extensive labor in order to reach their target.

The modern goose hunters are having it smooth, those most of the goose hunters have remained hard working with most of them investing a lot of money in blinds, decoys, and other modern equipment to make the experience fun.


In modern times, there has been an increase in the modernization of the spring snow goose hunt tactics and gears which make it be more effective. It has become a sport which is gear oriented and complex that if you don’t know it well, you will conclude that it is expensive and difficult to even venture into it. Hunters invest in a lot of time, money and effort to succeed in it.

If you want to get into the spring snow goose hunt the easy way, you need the following:

When it comes to decoy, you have to think small don’t go for those big ones. Huge decoys become a hindrance to hunt in many areas. Depending on where you are goose hunting, you will need to get the right decoy. While out in the field, you need fewer decoys,especially if you are in a field where the geese have decided to feed. In such a situation, the number of decoys is unnecessary because, after all, the geese have already made up their mind and there will be a little struggle in hunting them down.


When you hunt with a small spread, you will be able to pick up your decoys and get out of the field faster.  With this, you will be able to hunt so many birds in a particular field in a day than the hunter who is on a trailer and spends the entire day in the field.

By the way, silhouette decoys are some of the best decoy loved by goose hunters as they have versatility. They are lightweight and makes carrying them around easier and also when putting them down and picking them is a breeze.

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