Social Media – Dealing with Negative Feedback

I am asked this a lot during our presentations in Dubai and elsewhere – “How do we deal with negative feedback online – What if we get negative feedback on our blog? What do we do if people talk bad about our company online”

The answer is wake up and smell the coffee – if people are talking about you negatively online then you can be as sure as hell that its happening offline to.  So take the opportunity, welcome the world of dealing with negative and bad feedback about your company.  Follow these simple rules and you will be good to go

Welcome It

Firstly the fact that someone cares enough to tell you that your event, company, products, staff or anything else is terrible is someone that cares.  Thank them for their feedback, if you don’t they will think you simply don’t care about them – that’s not good.

Avoid Emotional Knee Jerk Reactions

Of course, it can be hard to train ourselves not to immediately attack or defend against negative feedback but the reality is that a Knee Jerk reaction of attack will show your true colors, it will show you to be an emotional non listening aggressor – this isn’t where you want to be.


Our first instinct is generally to go on the defensive.  Before you start churning out excuses, take a deep breath and objectively listen to the criticism being offered.  Is there any truth to what is being said?  Can you understand that person’s point of view, if you don’t can you ask them to elaborate or expand on what is being said?

You have this one opportunity to listen to this person, understand them, get an ideal understanding of their point of view and empathize with them.  Don’t blow it by talking over the top of them or discounting their point of view.


Its ok not to necessarily agree, you can always agree to disagree – but you should certainly discuss.  If this person is completely out of the ball park or lost a grip on reality politely make your point of view, state your argument and then at the same time explain that you completely understand that they are entitled to thiers and in this case you are open to agreeing to disagree.

Keep It Professional

Always keep it professional, do not let the person bring the conversation down into smutsville, if they are unreasonably digging for an argument or being completely unreasonable check with others as to their point of view.  If everyone else thinks that this person is just being an asshole then its completely likely that others will to, if they do then they have quite clearly lost their credibility so you don’t need to be all over it. with responses  Don’t delete the thread – keep it there to show the fact that you do listen and that “Yes” sometimes you have to deal with difficult customers to.

Be Honest

Don’t try to lie or squirm your way out of a situation, if you have made a genuine mistake then admit it.  As soon as you have been proven to be a fibber then you have lost your credibility and everyone will know it.  If you don’t know the facts then find out, if you don’t have the answer explain that you are in the process of getting the answer – in no instance delete the post as this will annoy people more and reinforce the fact that they are dealing with the a bad company.

Be Informed

If you don’t know the facts then you need to get them pretty quickly, if you have negative feedback then you need to be thankful for it, you have a unique opportunity to turn this person around from a negative influence to a positive one by your actions.

Ask Advice

If you get a very tricky situation to deal with and you are not sure what to do you should speak to your media agency, head of PR or CEO – take multiple streams of advice and then take action based on your best option.

Learn from your mistakes

If you get it wrong admit that you got it wrong – learn from your mistakes as its certainly the most effective way to learn.

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Your network can not have any incentives because it has no audience.

A Brief Insight Into The Surprising Benefits Of Shipping Container Architecture

Container architecture is becoming the hottest trend. More and more people opt to build shipping container homes as building a conventional house is no longer within reach of middle-class families. The best thing about building a container home is that you can make it into a luxury home or give it the look of a traditional home. Take the advice of a good contractor who can be the sort of guide that teaches you in a step-by-step fashion the basics of building a container home.

What are the benefits of shipping container architecture?

This new form of building houses is quickly gaining popularity. There are several benefits of building a container home, and here are a few important ones:

  • They are affordable

Shipping containers are very affordable when compared to building conventional homes. Because they come in the right shape, half of the work is already done. You can build a tiny container home or a luxury container home according to your choice. No matter how many containers you need for your home, it still will cost you a lot less than a normal house.

  • They are environment friendly.

There are so many containers sitting idle in the country. The cost of melting it down and its effect on the environment can be avoided for a good cause. The building materials that are needed for building a normal home is also eliminated when building a shipping container home.

  • Strength 

Shipping containers are very strong and can withstand any weather condition. They can easily carry loaded containers on top of them during freight without any damage, so these container homes can easily withstand even the harshest weather.

  • You can design it as per your wish.

Want a luxury home or a traditional one? Build any design you want, and add as many rooms as you want. There is no limit to what you can do with a few containers. You can do it alone or take the help of an expert who can guide that teaches you in a step-by-step fashion and help you build your dream home.

  • Get the best option

So, in short, the shipping container home is cheaper, stronger, and the best option if you are a person who wants everything to be environment friendly.

How To Play Pokemon Go During Coronavirus Lockdown?

It is obvious that no one can get out of their house in the coronavirus lockdown time, and if you are the one who loves to play pokemon go but cannot be able to play, then here is the solution for you. There is a tool launched by the game, which is called as raid pass battles, with the help of which you can easily do battles right by sitting at home.

If you want an upgraded account, then you should visit, by which you can get your hands on all the upgraded accounts. You need to pay the price for it and also do not worry about it because different accounts consist of different pricing.

Easily gather your friends online.

You can easily gather your friends online without any problem with the help of a raid battle pass. Also, you can add in-game friends simply by sending them the invitation and also, on the other hand, make sure that you are one the higher in speed internet connection. A stable connection will help in providing you the best and smooth experience.

Thus a slow internet connection can lead to making it very tough for you to win the battle, so keep this thing in mind.

Bonus to achieve

You will get lots of bonuses to achieve right by sitting at home and also, on the other hand, if you are using raid battle pass, then it will make it much easier for you to enjoy battle right by sitting at home. There is no need to compromise with your health as you can do your work right away without any issue at all.

You should make sure of one thing that is do not rush while playing this game because it can lead you to make a very wrong decision.

How To Trade Forex And Make Money

The aim of this article is to teach you how to trade forex and make money from it. The process is quite simple.

First you need to learn the terms used when trading. Then, choose the instrument you want to trade.

Finally, find a good broker to start trading. If you’re think you are good with numbers and have some talents in the financial field, give forex trading a try. It’s a good way to make a sustainable income.

Best forex brokers


  • The most common instrument chose is currency pair. A currency pair consists of a Base and Quote currency. Take EUR/USD as an example.
  • The currency on the left (EUR) is the base currency and the other on the right (USD) is the quote currency.
  • When you trade a currency pair, you sell the base currency to get the quote currency.
  • How much you’re going to receive depends on the exchange rate at the time you trade.
  • For example, let’s say the exchange rate of EUR/USD now is 1.3525. That means for every EUR you sell, you will get 1.3525 US dollars.
  • Long means buy. Short means sell. When they say long/short positions, that means buy/sell positions.
  • There are Bid price and Ask price. Bid price is the price brokers accept to buy from you.
  • It can be seen as the best price at which you can sell your Base currency. Vice versa, Ask price is the best price you’re going to get when you buy the Quote currency from a broker.
  • Bid price and Ask price, at one moment, are not the same. The difference between them is called Spread.


Now you know what you buy and what you sell. How to make use of that? Do you know what currency is the best to buy or sell or when is the best time to buy/sell them? Here are something you should pay attention to:

  • Economy status
You should predict the trend of an economy. For example, you’ve been observing the British economy and guess it will continue to get weaker, which means the price of the pound will decrease.

Then you buy the GBP for a cheap price and wait till their economy recovers so that you can sell it to make profit.

  • Import/Export

Check the inventory of a country. If it has many products that many others need, then it will be likely to sell them.

Thanks to the sales, that country’s economy will grow stronger. As a result, its currency’s value will rise. Then you can sell that currency for a higher price.

  • Politics

Sometimes politics can contribute to the rise and fall of a currency. When a country faces challenges or serious problems, their currency value tends to fall. Keep up with news.

When you see a government passes a policy that helps the economy, their currency is very likely to rise.


You trade with the best forex brokers; therefore, choosing a reliable and competent one is very important. Here are the standards for a great forex broker:

  • Reliability

In the forex market, to protect traders, brokers are compulsory to get regulations which are issued by authorized organizations having a big voice.

It is difficult that traders in Asia or Africa cannot ask their government for the guarantee in case of any troubles; the government in most countries there does not accept the forex trading as the legal industry yet.

Therefore, traders should choose brokers who own trusted regulations like CySEC and FCA.

  • Trading cost

After filtering trusted brokers, traders will consider other factors and the trading cost is the next one.

The trading cost is the main point which brings traders higher profit, so everyone prefers brokers with the lower offer, obviously.Spread, commission and minimum deposit are items of the trading cost get attraction from traders.

  • Trading conditions

Brokers must have all types of account that suit all levels of trader. Moreover, they must offer high leverage, good payment system, low margin, low swap, and less slippages.

  • Customer support

No brokers can develop and even survive if they do not pay attention to customer services. Nowadays, brokers have a lot of competitors with benefits and endow supplied traders.

As a result, in order to make customers pleasant, brokers need to set up customer services system well. 24/7 online center, websites, and local offices are the strategic elements to invest.

Besides English, brokers do not forget to provide different languages because many traders might not be good at English. Briefly, being available all the times to support customers in time should be the top priority of brokers to build customer trust.

There you have it. The basic guide on how to trade forex. If you have some money and want to give forex trading a try. Let’s start today.

How Does The CPS Test Rank Your Score?

If you wish to improve your CPS score and fair better at Minecraft Fight PvP Combat Games, then you can always take a cps test to see where exactly you rank. The test is fairly easy, and all you need to do is click as many times as you can within a chosen period, which ranges from 5-seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 100.

This is a wonderful way to both relax and gradually improve your clicks per second. Plus, these sites rank your score in a rather funny way too!

Here’s taking a Look at How CPS Test Ranks Your Score?

  • Fox Speed: Click Per Second > 10
  • Rabbit Speed: 8 < Click Per Second < 10
  • Cow Speed: 5 < Click Per Second < 8
  • Slug Speed: Click Per Second < 5

Furthermore, you can also use the site’s advanced methods to increase your clicking speed in specified seconds. Some of those popular methods include Jitter clicking, Butterfly clicking, and Drag clicking, and so on!

Faster clicking is always beneficial when you are participating in competitive games. Often it is this quality that can prove to be the deciding factor between winning or coming short. 

It is precisely why so many avid gamers who take part in such action-packed games look to work on improving their clicks per second!

You can do the same. However, you should initially stick to a regular clicking test, which is simply using the mouse (as you would for your normal tasks like browsing the web or rummaging through your social media accounts) to achieve a cps score of 3-6 per second. 

Although some professionals have a cps of 8-10 in a second- which is commendable! However, to achieve such an impressive cps score, you will need to practice repeatedly dedicatedly. And after a point of time, you will be able to achieve a cps score between 8-10 as well!

Muscle Pain Remedy- Play Safe with Little Harm

When you have countless problems to deal with, it is better to divide it equally instead of going at it in entirety because it means total mental breakdown that leads to depression and suicidal tendencies but the physical toll on health is even worse because the body is no longer in working condition.

It is important for people to remain in sound health in current times as only then can you work when both hands and feet are in working order while the brain is left to tackle issues through creative thinking.

One of the problems that excess physical exertion causes is muscle pain that eventually spirals out of control and one is left with no choice but to look for drastic measures like drugs and harmful substance so it becomes important to find solutions that are devoid of this menace.

Proverbial Solution

Muscle pain that starts out with an acute phase turns into a chronic problem that lasts for a longer period that would make it difficult for you to manage your daily lifestyle so you can always try out the following solutions:

  1. Exercise- This would not be something you are ready for when you are in pain especially when this is something that can aggravate it to a worse situation so don’t go for rigorous weightlifting or cardio but simple things like walking, cycling and swimming as it loosens the muscles to a great extent
  2. Yoga- Get up early in the morning to do meditation for ten minutes following which you can do yoga for an hour as that would give you a peaceful mind with stretching loosening the stiff areas

Pea Therapy- Do look up Palmitoylethanolamide reviews as it is a strong chemical that burns fat that can prove to be of great help

Why Compare Actual Vs Budget – Check the basis for comparison

Most companies prepare a allow each activity they interact in, likewise as their traditional operations. At the tip of the fundamental measure or project, the budget is compared with the particular prices and financial gain and any variations between the budget and also the actual prices and expenses analyzed. This observe, known as “variance analysis,” is vital in management accounting, that focuses on manufacturing innovative data, like developing budgets and measurement performance, to help managers in formulating business ways, designing business activities and evaluating business results.

Creating Budget

Based on data from money accounting, management accountants typically produce budget plans for numerous aspects of a business’s operations, and managers will then use them as a guide to form additional educated selections. whereas money accountants stress compliance and record keeping, management accountants forecast and set up future business developments and counsel courses of action. Budget designing provides the premise against that actual results is measured and evaluated.

FMD is based in Singapore and offers the best accounting methods for the clients. The measuring of the results is the right one with the correct method. You should learn about the methods to have the benefits in the preparation of the financial accounts for small abd big organizations. 

Measuring Results

Measuring actual results against budget is geared toward watching and recording business activities, the results of that square measure used for more performance analysis. The comparison of actual vs. budget typically shows a distinction, or “variance,” which will be either favorable or unfavorable. for instance, during a price budget, a lower actual range than the budgeted figure would be thought of favorable, whereas during a sales budget, a better actual range than the budgeted figure would be seen as favorable.

Analyzing Variance

Variance is analyzed to search out out what caused the variation between actual and budget. designing budgets and measurement results square measure solely the beginning of the method of comparison actual vs. budget. Management uses the budget report back to establish the explanations for any variation in order that it will advocate acceptable corrective actions. Potential causes for unfavorable variances could embrace phantasmagoric budget or subpar performance.

Taking Actions

Variance analysis higher informs managers concerning current business operations. Knowing what has performed and what has not, managers will take reinforcing measures or corrective actions. the aim of comparison actual vs. budget is to feature worth to the business through higher designing, monitoring, evaluating and dominant. Management could modify a budget upward or downward to raised replicate reality and implement new cost-cutting or sales-promoting measures.

Could This Be The Best Weight Loss Program On The Market One Former Dieter Shares His Views

It’s a fact that most people wonder if there’s an actual way to lose their extra weight, unfortunately, most people fall for the fake and magical methods that promise you something like – “Weigh 30 pounds lighter in 30 days”.

There are thousands of methods over the Internet to lose your weight, but only a very few of them actually work, because most of the methods on the Internet aren’t scientifically backed and are just developed by random bloggers on the Internet.

Most people who try to lose weight actually restrict their food intake thinking that it will make their body burn off the stored fat, which is totally untrue, that’s not how your body works. Of course, the methods on the Internet claim a lot of things, I’ve seen methods claiming that it can help me become slimmer by releasing a magical hormone in my body, which was totally fake.

I was so fed up with the methods that were just made up in a few minutes by collection random facts over the Internet, then one of my friends told me to use the fat diminisher system. I started reading about this weight loss system and finally bought it. I was surprised with the results, the results were outstanding. It took me just 30 days to lose 20 pounds of fat, all I did was exercise every day and stick to the method. The phenq weight loss supplement is purchased from the best site to have the benefits. The regular consumption of the pills will provide the best results to the individuals. The performance of the exercise with the pills or supplements is the right choice.  

The FDA was supposed to approve the foods that are actually safe for human consumption, but they’ve started approving things that aren’t even safe for us. It’s time for the people to be aware of what products are good and what products are bad for their health.

So, to lose weight effectively, you need a method that has been developed by an expert, so I’d totally recommend the fat diminisher system to every single person who wants to lose weight while staying healthy.

The processed foods we eat today contain a lot of artificial sugars that aren’t even safe for our bodies. Let me tell you a secret I’ve found in the fat diminisher system – “Losing weight isn’t just about exercising and controlling your calorie intake, it’s about making your lifestyle better and yourself healthy. Poor sleep can actually make a person hungry and makes metabolically similar to a type 2 diabetic patient, so if you’ve got odd sleeping hours, you might want to change that immediately”.

Over 100 thousand copies of the fat diminisher system have been sold and the authors claim that none of the 100 thousand customers have requested for a refund, which proves us how effective the method is.

This is the ultimate method for you to lose weight while staying healthy, remember that this method is totally natural and doesn’t have any side effects. If you’re not going to get this eBook now, you’re going to regret it later. I hope you’re going to make the wise decision. I’d totally recommend this book to everyone who wants to lose weight while staying healthy.

Steps To Consume CBD For The Best Benefits

It is obvious that beginners are not aware about the steps to consume CBD oil because they does not know the essential steps. If you are one of them then make sure to stay till the end of it. Do not skip anything and make sure to consider cbd pills for pain if you do not like to consume oil. The best part of oil is that it provides faster results as compared to the other products like cream or pills.

So if you are interested then buy it and consume it by following our steps.

Essential steps you need to consider in mind

Steps will be very beneficial to you so make sure to not to skip them at any cost. Following are the steps for you-

  • Dosage is necessary-

If you do not want to face any kind of health problems then you must make sure to consider the dosage part in mind. It is because if you keep consuming the oil in sufficient dosage then you do not have to worry about it in anyway.

  • Cartridge-

You should buy the best cartridge for your vape if you want better quality because that is the thing that will be going to provide you the results. Make sure to compare it and do not rush while buying it.

  • Vape-

Buy the vaporizer because that is the only thing that can convert the oil into vapors so that you can consume it easily without any second thought. Make sure to choose the right one which is made up of good in quality material.

These are some of the ways in which you can consume CBD vape oil without any issues at all. Make sure to vape it slowly if you are a beginner.

Cleaning Company To Choose For The Big House Cleaning

When it`s time for the big cleaning of the entire house, you may need a little bit of a professional help. Even when it comes to a small flat or a condominium, the help from professional cleaners of houses is unmatched. They know how to treat the different stain or spot, as well as offer some complimentary services like deodorizing of houses with pets or sanitizing the bathroom. These are only a few advantages of the professional cleaning companies and next are some other important highlights that can help you to choose the right cleaning company for the big house cleaning.

Big House Cleaning Agencies

There are cleaning agencies specialized in upholstery cleaning. Perhaps, this is the right choice when you want to do the easy things by yourself and to let the professional crews do the other, difficult, things like carpet cleaning or rug cleaning. The leather surfaces of chairs, sofas and other furniture objects are the hardest ones for cleaning. They have to be cleaned first from bigger particles like sand, dust and crumbs between the junctions. Then, the heavily stained spots have to be treated with hot water and a special cleaning detergent for leather upholstery. The next step is to restore the original shine and texture of the leather by using another array of special solutions with pigments. After that, to prevent the leather upholstery from future cracks or dryness, it`s essential to apply a protective wax or spray. If all that sounds truly overwhelming to you, definitely the best opt is to call a cleaning agency specialized in upholstery for your big house cleaning.

Other companies offer a variety of cleaning services for bathrooms, kitchens and other wet rooms, where the humidity is higher and its negative effects can be seen only with a blink of the eye. The edges of the walls and the ceilings, the edges of the lights or just a simple oven cleaning can change into a real nightmare if you don`t have the right dissolvent solutions and cleaning tools. Because of that, a better idea is to use a professional help from a cleaning company and hydrogen peroxide uses for teeth.

Professional Company for Big House Cleaning

Another great idea is to leave the cleaning of the big windows and terraces to a professional company. The best thing is that the cleaning companies use their own cleaning machines and professional systems, as well as their experiences crews choose the exact type of detergent needed for a specific stain, while protecting the piece of furniture or carpet in the same time. There are numerous important rules to follow if you plan to clean the windows by yourself, especially the outdoor side of the windows, like no direct sunlight, no higher air temperature, no strong winds, etc.

The professional advices and help of the crew is unmatched. They are perfect for the big house cleaning and especially the heavily stained areas or objects. Why do the difficult part, instead of letting it to the professional cleaners and cleaning the easy things in the meantime? Not to mention the numerous discounts and advantages of most companies, which offer seasonal cleaning services. Just determine what you`re looking for, then browse through the sites of the local cleaning companies, highlight the advantages of their services and request a quote or call to discuss the details with the cleaning agent. What a better opt to make your big seasonal house cleaning easy and not so overwhelming?

Cleaning companies use the professionals who are made for the job and know what they are doing for this professional cleaning. They clean objects like the doors and windows well which the common person neglects a lot, it is the thorough cleaning which people aren’t able to do properly.