Guide To The Clash Royale APK Android

Supercell, the developers of the wide-hit mobile strategic game- Clash of Clans, have introduced another promising game that utilizes the same strategies of online multiplayer battle. The iOS app has become the fastest growing and most downloaded app in the US following its release in March 2016. Since they are similar to the predecessor, Clash of Clans, the characters of this game will also be familiar to the users. It also shares the strategy of using intuitive and strategic intelligence to win battles.

Clash Royale APK Android can be downloaded for both iOS and Android platforms. For Android users, one has to search for the link of the Clash Royale APK download from the App Store. The latest version for Android users is Clash Royale 1.3.2. Here is simple guide to the gameplay:


  • The foremost elements of the game that has to be understood are the levels and arena. There are a maximum of 13 leveland 9 arenas in the new game, which has to be reached through a process of playing strategically. The player advances in the game by destroying the enemy camp’s “King’s Tower” or by simply destroying more towers of the opponents while protecting their own. By winning over battles, the player can avail more arenas. Every battle won will be rewarded with a trophy- collecting which the arena can be accessed. For the level, one may have to “donate” or “upgrade” cards. To increase level, experience points will be required. The experience requirement for each ascending level will also increase.
  • The game begins with the giving out of a hand of cards of four- the cards are chosen at random among the eight cards that are previously picked by the player. These cards decide the attack and defence mechanism of the player.
  • Winning a multi-player game will result in the reward of a “chest”. These chests can be the Silver Chest, Gold Chest, Giant Chest, Magical Chest or the Super Magical Chest. The time requirement of the opening of each chest varies from between three hours and twenty-four hours. The chests may hold gems, gold or cards. Moreover, gems can be used to decrease the waiting time for the chest to be opened. Collection of cards, on the other hand, helps t upgrade the totally strength of the player’s abilities- it can give a boost to the damage caused or increase the health.


  • Clash Royale also allows players to join clans so as to form a community that can share cards by means of donation and requests. They can also engage in friendly battles that do not cause damage. Forming clans and sharing of cards also result in increased experience and sometimes, gold.
  • The game is a freemium- meaning that users can go to the online shop and pay real money to avail some of the items such as gems for an affordable price.

The RoyaleTV, a part of the app where you can watch duels between other players, is the best source to watch and understand the gameplay.

Ultimate Guide To Web Design Wollongong:

One such area in the IT domain is Web Designing, which is about the various skills and disciplines that are used in the production and maintenance of websites. Development of websites is of great importance now-a-days every business wants to do promotions instantly and efficiently. The best way to do this is by going online, and an integral part of this process is web designing?

Web Designing is the art of creating beautiful and information web pages. Some significant deciding factors appeal the audience as they look at a website:

  • Website’s logo
  • Structural element design
  • Header / Header Image
  • Typography
  • Button styles
  • Footer

To make your site attractive and more user-friendly, you can use various tools which are suggested by Web design Wollongong. Let’s take a look at this one by one:


Adobe’s Flash:

The Flash software by Adobe is a great application if you wish to produce animations in web pages and advertisements. Flash is used to make web pages more interactive. With Flash, you can integrate videos into the Web easily.

Developer Tool in Chrome:

The Developer Tool in Chrome is a useful one while you are building a web page. A lot of times when a code some are missed, the entire website gets screwed up. In such cases, the Developer Tool of Chrome proves helpful as it lets you identify the actual error. A quick tip here is that you can get to these tools, by right-clicking on the page and then selecting ‘Inspect element’ from the menu options.

Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe offers another web designing tool – Illustrator. This software is used primarily for vector graphics. Web designers use Illustrator as a reliable tool for creating logos for the website. Websites can also be wire-framed using Adobe Illustrator.

Notepad ++:

Then we have the Notepad++, a tool that acts as a powerful text editor. It supports syntax highlighting for many web languages. A very handy software for additional plugins, Notepad++ enables you to retrieve files from your web server.


This is the third offering from the Adobe bucket. Photoshop is a powerful graphic design software that makes web development easier and efficient. It lets you create an initial layout for websites and then move to the code to have a full idea of how the website will look at the end.


Adobe is almost ruling the word as Dreamweaver to falls in its bucket. Many web designers use Dreamweaver as their code editor. The software is available for both Mac and Windows. The recent versions of Dreamweaver come with support for web technologies like CSS, JavaScript, and many other server-side scripting languages and frameworks.

The majority of the tools that we talked about come from Adobe, which is a leading IT software manufacturing company. As there are multiple offerings from Adobe, you can always opt for its courses, such as Adobe Photoshop Training, Illustrator certifications, etc.

Be Interactive:

Having a social media presence isn’t outdated, everybody still checks their Facebooks, if only sparingly. Use those opportunities to make your business known by continuing the conversation about your products and services. Have a team that is dedicated to interacting with your fans and you will see the business boom as your content has not only provided value to them, but they were able to give feedback to you. This aspect of marketing allows you to improve your existing products and services or gather ideas about where to go next. It’s a gold mine.

Hopefully, with these insights into internet marketing, you’ll be able to boost your campaign. While they aren’t some exotic get rich quick scheme, they work; and will for the foreseeable future.

Sharing is Caring:

One of the best ways to get popular on social networking sites, and online, in general, is to share high quality content. People who take the time to enhance and image and create a funny saying are doing the little things that so many people respond too. If you are creative then making good quality content should come easily to you. If you aren’t so left-brained, then you can at the very least share content and add to the conversation.


A search bar:

A nice big one, easy to read and use that is bright enough to find the right products every time.


Don’t make your customer type in the whole product. Use auto-complete suggesting products based on the first few letters.


Use beautiful photography and real interactivity to make your site attractive to the browsing shoppers.


For those less tech-savvy customers, a ‘suggestions’ tool can help them find the gift or product they need by answering a few simple questions.

So these are some of the tips and advice for newly created websites or for the well-established sites who are looking make their websites more interactive and generate some outcome.

Top 10 Posture Correctors In Market Right Now

Bad posture redeems the confidence level in an individual, and correcting the posture to a good looking state is even more difficult without any apparatus. Thankfully, the posture correctors are widely available in the market right now and they are very easy and friendly to use. Even on the busiest of days, having a posture corrector strapped to one’s body won’t affect the day and it will correct the posture as well. A perfect posture will keep the bones and muscles perfectly aligned, and the internal organs on a human body stays maximum functional when a posture corrector is worn. Here’s a list of 10 posture correctors to buy right now!

  1. Intelliskin Men’s Foundation Posturecue Tank

IntelliSkin is a popular brand in making posture correctors for a very long time now, and their Men’s Foundation Posturecue Tank is a popular tank top which is a posture corrector at the same time. This product helps easing neck and back pain men have from long time desk works, and maybe something else. Slouching makes someone’s posture look so bad, and IntelliSkin’s Posturecue Tank takes care of that. It comes in different sizes, and in two color options – black and silver. The pricing ranges between $60 and $95.


  1. Oppo Medical Elastic Posture Aid

Oppo Medical Elastic Posture Aid comes with adjustable straps so that the user can get the highest level of comfort. Also, it is skin colored so doesn’t show even on white clothes. Slouched shoulders, or improper posture caused by longer period of work, workout injuries etc. would be treated well with this posture corrector. Also, it’s a specialized clavicle brace to help with the collar bones. Price: $13 – $25.75.

  1. Cincher Tan Women’s Back Support

The Cincher Tan Women’s Back Support is functional and fashionable at the same time. It could be very well concealed under the daily worn outfits and not be awkwardly seen, and the job would be well done as well. Production material is nylon and spandex, and the fit could be customized using the straps and hooks. However, doctor should be consulted prior to using it. Price: $39.30.

  1. BSN Medical Pro-lite Deluxe Clavicle Support

BSN Medical Pro-Lite Deluxe Clavicle Support is made to either place the shoulders correctly, or provide support in extreme medical conditions like a fracture in the clavicle. This product is intended to be worn over the outfit, and so it’s made with prominent padding and strong stripes and hooks. Price: $

  1. EquiFit Shoulders Back Lite

Plenty of people don’t get a chance to actually stand up and stretch during their works, and the EquiFit Shoulders Back Lite is made to help with the incorrect posture and pain issues caused by prolonged period of desk work. It comes in Black, and is manufactured in USA. Price: $20 – $55.96

  1. Posture Corrective Brace

Posture Corrective Brace is made of nylon, cotton, polyester and rubber mostly, there are few other materials as well. Ample amount of hooks and straps are provided for an adjustable fitting. The terry-cloth material in the back of this brace provides protection against sweat, even during workout the brace mostly remains dry. Price: $29.99.

  1. Posture Corrector

Posture Corrector goes by a very generic name, yet it’s one of the most comfortable USA-made posture correctors to be found in the market. A bright team of R&D worked behind the manufacturing process to come up with collaboration with Medicare and Bax-U. People with kyphosis, forward head carriage etc. would find this product much useful. Price: $50.

  1. IntelliSkin Women’s Empower 2.0 Posturecue Sports Bra

Being a sports bra, the IntelliSkin Women’s Empower 2.0 is intended to improve the productivity of women over a busy day – especially for those who spend a lot of time in practical work fields that involve physical stress. The materials are mostly Nylon, and some Lycra. Price: $104 – $140.

  1. Back Corrector Ease Pain Kyphosis Supporter

This posture corrector is especially made to help with Kyphosis issues. The design is certainly much friendly for longer time wearing, and it’s fashionable as well. Nylon, Polyester, Polyurethane, Resin, Wood, Cotton etc. are some of the materials used in this product. Price: $66.99.


  1. Neo G Medical Grade Posture Correction

The Neo G Medical Grade Posture Correctionprovides shoulder support in a greater extent, and typically used in medical conditions. This product is usually prescribed by doctors, however anyone who requires a posture correction can consult their doctor prior to buying this product. Price: $36.99.


Posture correction is much easier with posture correctors like the ones mentioned in here. The pricing is quite reasonable, and most of these companies offer excellent refund options as well.

Get your Paint Job Done at Singapore : painting services In Singapore

Getting a paint job service is difficult even in a precision market like Singapore. Of course there are plenty of workers and companies that can get the job done, but quality output is a concern. There are plenty of great painting companies that serve as per customer requirement, they are very expert in all sort of customized paint job. However, unless the information is available to potential customers, a business deal between the customer and these companies might never be formed. In this article here, we intend to review 5 best painting services in Singapore who offer great deals in painting service at very reasonable pricing.

Color Creative Painting Service

Color Creative Painting Service has been conducting business in Singapore since 1985, and over all these years they have earned so much experience that’s an invaluable asset in such business. The company has a great team of expert painters and supervisors, and they are able to conduct a good number of projects at the same time – there won’t be any issue regarding availability of services. There are four standard variants of paint services and their price range between $550 and $800. However, the maximum pricing ranges between $1000 and $1450, maximum time required to complete a paint job is 3 to 4 days.


Mr Painter Singapore

Mr Painter Singapore offers a wide variety of painting services in Singapore – the most common service lineup is home painting services, condominium and landed painting services, HDB painting, office painting and interior decoration painting and exterior painting etc. The minimum price quote for a paint job is $720, for a 3 to 4 room HDB and this rate would go up to $1580 for condominium and private property or office painting. However, all these are rough estimations and the actual value would change depending on the condition of the actual property that needs painting.

  • City Painter

City Painter is an old contributor in the painting service industry at Singapore. Their website is quite simple, and this four button design enables the customer to easily find out the packages they want. City Painter has some touch-up packages unlike the other companies who mostly prefer full paint jobs. The pricing varies between $100 and $800 for different type of paint jobs. Since 1975, City Painter had never really disappointed any client.

  • Galaxy Painters

Galaxy Painters is a comparatively newer competitor in the industry, but this fact doesn’t deteriorate any service they provide. The regular services include painting interior and exterior of households, offices, condominiums etc. Also, any desired special effect on walls and other establishments could be done upon custom orders. Galaxy Painters can provide waterproof and weatherproof painting service as well, other services are – sigmultor, aluminum cladding etc. Contact the company for exact pricing reference.


  • Coozy Painting Services

Coozy Painting Services is a full-fledged painting solution company for various indoor and outdoor establishments, they also provide different range of painting services like wall and ceiling painting, wood varnish, effect painting, spray texture coating, and door painting etc. The pricing on projects are set by face to face communication. Their website has a good number of portfolios they have done for previous clients.


These five companies are pioneers and industry leaders among the best painting services in Singapore. If you had been looking for a reliable painting company, there you have your guideline.

Youtube Marketing

It is an incredibly powerful form of online marketing. It has the ability to reach a large audience. It also has the ability to reach an audience that is interested in a specific type of product or service.

Here are a few tips for effective YouTube marketing:

  • Link back to your website:
    It’s a really good idea to invite your audience back to your website after watching your videos. Include an easily clickable link within the video box. This makes your marketing much more effective by letting them avail your service while the idea is still fresh in their heads.
  • Tell a story:
    Data Visualization and Story telling are now becoming the hottest trends in marketing.
  • Single out your customers:
    Make a few videos that directly responds to customer questions. Customers find personalised videos to be an incredibly genuine and honest way to satisfy the customer’s needs. Please do it if you have the resources to do so.
  • Make partners with YouTube celebrities:
    There are lots of YouTube users who have thousands of subscribers to their channels. Do your research, and find channels that make tutorials or other videos that involve your service or product. Get these people to talk in your videos and give them freebies. For example if you’re in the kitchenware space, get people who make tutorial videos on how to cook.
  • Fill your descriptions thoroughly:
    Since YouTube is owned by Google, each and every video you publish on YouTube has a potential for high search visibility. Do make sure to fill out every empty box before publishing your video. Such as title, tags, description,category, etc.
  • Be smart:
    Now YouTube is rapidly getting saturated with increasing commercials and product promotions. So you will have to stand out in the crowd. Since you’re taking the time to create a YouTube video, there is no point in blandly pointing to your product or service and its advantages. Make sure to inject some humor, use creative graphics, and do pretty much anything to make it stand out from the rest.

There is an easy way to make your YouTube marketing campaign go viral, just visit

Have a great YouTube marketing experience.

The Look And Feel Of A Pompadour

The classic hairstyle, Pompadour, is not just seen in a variety of styles now-a-days but is seen carried off by 1 in every 3 men. This hairstyle can be recognized by defining the features such as the one which is shorter on the sides, the one with longer front hair; approximately 4 inches so that it lays back flat when it is combed back, and are upward & backward swept. It is worn high over forehead, just the way Elvis Presley did, and much before him, the mistress of King Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour, after whom the name has been given to this very widely accepted hairstyle.


Types of Pompadour

This hairdo is of 2 kinds:

  1. Classic
  2. Angular/Extreme/Modern

Classic Pompadour

It is truly a refined gentlemen look which is adorn by celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and many others. This type of pompadour is said to be tailor made for men with longer face type. Here the scalp is not too much exposed on the sides.

Angular Pompadour

It is not just sexy but has extreme edgy feel. Here the length of the top section is really high as compared to the side burn. The side burn is mostly short enough to reveal the scalp underneath. It is best to suit the people with round face type. This type of pompadour is adorn by celebrities like Justin Bieber, David Beckham, Zac Efron, etc.


 Hairstyle for all

Pompadour hairstyle can be carried off by anyone. It indeed is timeless. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that this hairstyle needs everyday care and maintenance. Because here the side burns needs to be regularly trimmed as required by the hairstyle. Hairspray can be an ultimate requirement for holding up the hair on the front section for that extreme angular look for this hairstyle.

Experience Bug Free Movies With Movietube 4.4

There are times when your mood sets right, the ambiance is perfect, you are all by yourself with your cell phone with good internet connectivity, all geared up to watch your favorite and much awaited movie. But then due to some mis-happenings your movie takes forever to get buffered and loaded. It not only makes your mood go bad but also forces you to change your plans from movie-watching to something else.

Considering the above written case, what if one is provided with a solution to this very problem, what if someone steps forward to assure you that you favourite movie would not be interrupted with any interruption?

 The MovieTube 4.4

There is an application available for a while now, which is free, and now has that very bug fixed which made high resolution movies took a really long time to load.

This application provides HD movies from various genres ranging from sci-fi, animated, cartoons, Bollywood, hollywood to any other. It is available for android phones and tablets right now, but can be used for apple products as well by downloading it on PC.

MovieTube 4.4 is an update to MovieTube app, which earlier had a bug which used to shout out “MovieTube not working”. This update has resolved the issue.

It also helps you get videos from youtube, which are not only available for free, but also in HD.


This app provides you with films and TV series in a number of languages including english, korean, japanese, chinese and many others.

It promises to offer not just latest movies and series, but also movies which are old enough, even from the nineties. This also allows you to filter the kind of movies you prefer according to your taste, which means it is customisable.

Go download this app and the update, and watch movies carefree.


Facetime For Pc

No, no, Facetime is not yet available for PC. But we really hope it does. It is one of the most popular video calling app. Apple users can Facetime other apple users anytime they want. It is so good, it’s almost like calling, but better, with videos. Other people use different video calling apps, so they can’t always video call everyone, they have to ask first, if the other has the same app, then they video call. Apple users do not have this problem. Facetime is already in built in their devices and they enjoy it whenever they want.

facetime for pc gives video calling a different definition. It makes the experience of a video call so good, no other app can be compared to it. It is simple, so easy to use, has a really good quality, it is free, has no issues at all. It is actually the best video calling app. But, unavailable for non-apple devices.

It is limited, non-apple users cannot use it and it is a shame. Facetime should be available for other cell phones and PCs too. There are so many people out there who does not use apple mobile phones or PCs. According to a research, there are more windows and android users than apple. If Facetime is available for others too, it will make everyone happy. Customers would be happy as they will get to use the app without buying the expensive apple devices. Facetime app makers would be happy as their customers will increase. It is a win-win situation for all the parties.

Apple may have some problems about making Facetime available for others as their sales may get effected. But they should not worry about it. People who likes apple, will buy apple no matter what and people who thinks apple is very expensive, they will never buy it. They are not a fan of apple and they have made their mind that they are fully satisfied with android and windows. So apple should not worry, they will not lose their customers, but they will get new customers for Facetime, if they make it available for others.


I think even I would be very happy if it happens. A few of my relatives and friends are apple users and they Facetime each other whenever they want, I feel bad because I am a non-apple user and I cannot do the same. I am not a very big fan of apple so obviously I’ll never buy apple just to use a video calling app. I think many people out there must think the same thing. I think it would be profitable for everyone if it is available for others too.

An Overview Of Showbox Application

It is an app for free movies & TV shows streaming for the Android. It allows users to watch movies & TV shows in HD for free, it is regarded as one of the best Android app. Users need to sideload it to the device as Showbox is not available in the Google Play Store. The tutorial shows steps to install the ShowBox app to an Android phone or tablet or Android based kindle fire, blackberry device.

Lot of mobiles with different operating systems are there in the media market so various android apps designed by developers to get entertainment from these apps.


Features of Showbox App

  • Best app to watch favourite TV shows & films on internet
  • User friendly
  • Does not need any login or email id
  • Open showbox App when feel bored
  • Can watch all the missed TV show or movies
  • Easily search movie using search filter
  • This app can be downloaded for free
  • It does not need any login or email id
  • Regular updates of movies, TV shows can be checked
  • Gives long lasting entertainment
  • Sharing movies & shows with friends & folks can also be done
  • This app is of simple design
  • Gives free vouchers & points which can be redeem
  • Size of the app is minimum so no need to remove other apps
  • Video resolution can be selected according to device compatibility
  • To download & install on OS it takes less than few minutes
  • For MAC, PC, Android, blackberry it can be downloaded easily

How to download Showbox App for free

Showbox App cannot be run directly on MacBook or MAC PC. By using an Emulator this App can be run on MAC. Out of all Bluestacks App Player emulator is the best one. Other emulators might run slow with existing PC configuration.

  • From the official site get Bluestacks Android Emulator, then follow the instructions for installation.
  • Then download APK file of Showbox application and save it.
  • After that right click the download Showbox APK file & select to open with “bluestacks” app
  • With selected option the app will take some to open
  • Finally, the Showbox App has been installed successfully over the MAC device

Showbox App for iPad & iPhone

There is no need of any software for downloading Showbox App on iPhone & iPad. Showbox App is not available for iPad & iPhone. An alternative for it is Moviebox.

  • Install vshare to get moviebox
  • Then open it
  • Press download unjail broken option
  • Click on install
  • It will get download & installed
  • In the apps menu vshare will appear
  • For the first time click on trust for secure usage
  • After opening search for showbox
  • Click and it will be downloaded
  • After downloading, moviebox install

 Showbox app for Android

It is very famous app among users. Also it is a legal application. Steps to download the app

  • Download Showbox Apk file
  • Go to settings, then security, then unknown sources and click on allow installation
  • Go to file location of Apk file and click it
  • After that click Next to accept terms & conditions
  • Then press Install and wait for installation
  • After installation, click on open to start watching movie or TV show
  • Else click Done if want to use the app later
  • Some data related to movies or TV shows will get downloaded when the showbox app is opened for the first time
  • Then list of movies and TV shows will appear on the screen after loading the data. Then click on your favourite movie and enjoy it

Showbox Online Application

An emulator is needed to run Showbox on PC for a window user. For windows OS, Bluestacks is also available. High speed internet connection is needed to download Bluestacks. Go through Download & Install Bluestacks incase to make relief from errors & disturbances if there are errors while installing. There will be an android emulator quick launch file after successful installation of Bluestacks. Processing steps while installing Showbox app.

  • Open Bluestacks quick launch file, it would take few seconds for opening
  • On search tool bar type ShowBox app
  • Then click on Showbox app & get it installed
  • See all installed apps of Bluestacks

Showbox for Mac Desktop

It can’t be installed straight in Mac desktop, as this app belongs to Android. The PC must have an emulator that is Bluestacks freeware. It has great features, and a latest version has been launched by developers. The users should have the showbox Apk, to install Showbox on Bluestacks. The Apk is a small file


Fix Showbox App

  • Server not available or update problem:

Any application must be regularly updated. There would be a notification on mobile if it is available in google play store. Update the Showbox App more frequently as this app is not available on google play store.

  • Showbox not working:

whenever a new version is available the application must be updated. The mobile should support the feature. If then also it does not work properly then firstly close the wifi, then click settings, click app manager, then clear data & cache from showbox app, then connect to wifi & open the app.

Showbox Alternatives or similar apps

  • Crackle: the best alternative to showbox app. Free app for android users. Movies and TV shows can be watched without buffering. The videos can be paused as well as saved for later
  • Playbox hd: it is a wonderful and recommended alternative of showbox. Need to side load the app as it is not available in google play store. Only available to ipad or iphone
  • Hulu app: It is free app where own videos can be downloaded shared
  • Hubi app: in this movies can be watched offline and the link can be shared to friends

One Dollar Breakfast Launched By Taco Bell

Based on the sundry new research, 84% of American consumers prefer to spend $1 for their morning meal as compared to the 16% who are ready to splurge on breakfast.  Taco bell, the Mexican food chain, launches $1 morning value menu for America’s insatiable love for low fare breakfasts. Cogitating the choice and love of Americans, Taco Bell is the only national restaurant to introduce $1 value menu with ten finger licking crave able items.  The brand is also providing bacon in their value packs thus giving the Americans a reason to get out of bed. The dollar craving menu includes a skillet of seasoned potatoes, scrambled eggs and cheese, soft taco having scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese and a choice of bacon or sausage over scrambled eggs.

Fast food franchises bank on breakfasts as the most important meal of the day. The chief marketing officer for Taco Bell, Marisa Thalberg says that their breakfast menu is strictly based on the research to understand the customers at the same time it considers the painful obvious. American citizens prefer more availability of choices in their breakfast menus along with having bacon and not spending more than a one dollar for such items. With dollar menus getting obsolete these days on the streets of America, the Taco Bell Dollar Menu has resurfaced dollar cravings with their unique and delicious ten items a la carte. The four brand new items Taco offers, comes with a twist. The first is a MINI SKILLET BOWL that comes with seasoned potatoes; fluffy scrambled eggs topped with molten cheese and freshly made Pico De Gallo. The second is a SOFT TACO consisting of soft flour tortilla filled with real cheddar cheese having fluffy scrambled eggs and a choice of bacon or sausage. The SAUSAGE FLATBREAD QUESADILLA is a spongy flat bread seasoned with three cheese blends, sausage and fluffy scrambled eggs grilled to seal the flavor. The BEEFY FRITOS BURRITO has a wheat flour tortilla rolled and enclosed with crunchy Fritos, a dollop of nacho cheese sauce and a choice of seasoned beef, chicken, steak, shredded chicken and beans. Other than these are the cheesy bean and rice burrito, cheesy roll up, mini quesadilla with shredded chicken, cinnamon twists and delights, nachos and caramel apple empanadas.


The chain owned by Yum! Brands has got a new catchphrase for its all new one dollar menu ‘Live Mas’ that comes on the heels of its success. However, the Taco Bell breakfast menu represents just 6% of total sales compared to McDonalds whose all day breakfast menu represents 25% of total sales. This breakfast menu was announced just after the rumors circulated that McDonalds was contemplating on expanding its menu. Though Marisa Thalberg would not confess, this menu is marketed to capitalize budget diners and to squelch the success of McDonalds. Recent reports claim that people visit fast food chains more than expensive lunch rooms confirming ‘Cheap is the new cool’ thus  drawing fine dining chefs into the fast-casual food chains. The bottom line is Taco bell has joined in the war of cheap dining with its awesome one dollar value menu.