Beware Of Blueberry Waffle: Its Dangerous

There are diseases we hardly heard of and one such disease is Blueberry waffle. This disease is comparatively new in market and women are seen to be affected more than men. There is no target zone and the whole world is suffering through this infection. It is one of those diabolic sexually transmitted diseases whose medicine has not discovered yet however, this disease is pretty dangerous and those who are having weaker immune system are seen to be suffering more than those who are having stronger system. Its an infection that deteriorates fast and affects health completely, if treated immediately its easier to cure yourself. This disease does not remain forever and after sometime it goes away but the span of suffering depends upon the working of immune system.  Proper medical attention helps in getting rid of the disease. As mentioned above this ailment is fairly new in market so there is no over the counter remedy but then again this disease is not incurable.


Nature of Blue Waffle

  • While revealing the true nature of Blueberry waffle disease, this is something cannot be cured at home with self medication.
  • This infection is the outcome of multiple bacteria invasion and has the power to spread across within few days.
  • When bacteria enters the vaginal passage it affects the inner wall and goes on affecting the more it enters and ultimately cause havoc.
  • Of course the side effect is fairly painful and intense, itching and irritation continues and it increases. Vagina swells and changes color, turns out purple blue, even the vaginal discharge increases and changes color as well.


  • Vagina releases putrid smell. Those who are affected may experience fever due to this abnormal pain and itching.
  • When man becomes sexually intimate with a woman contracted with this disease, becomes one of the victim of Blueberry waffle.

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