Birthday Party Ideas for a Teenage Girl

A friend of mine came to me and asked my advice on what to do for her daughter’s birthday party. For most part of my experience, all I knew about was Casino Night in Denver, has been doing casino parties. Her daughter didn’t want an average run of the mill birthday party. She wanted a party that she’d remember all of her life and suggested having a party that would help others in the community. I thought that was a wonderful idea but that may not be what every teenage girl would want to do, so I came up with a list of ideas that she could chose from. If you’re throwing your own party, these ideas may even help you plan a spectacular memorable party.

Birthday Party Ideas for a Teenage Girl #1: Have all party guests dress up in a military outfit and bring a gift for the military people fighting in the war. This would be a party that everyone would remember for a long time to come. Not only would you get to have a fun get together all dressed up, but you’d be doing something nice for our solider’s.

Birthday Party Ideas for a Teenage Girl #2: Instead of bringing a gift for the birthday girl, have everyone bring an unwrapped gift and then donate everything to a homeless shelter. Homeless shelters can always use everyday items like soap, shampoo and clothing.

Birthday Party Idea for a Teenage Girl #3: Rent a limo to take your daughter and a few friends to a nice restaurant. Your daughter would probably love getting the star treatment, it’s not every day that you get to ride in a limo.

Birthday Party Idea for a Teenage Girl #4: Take your daughter and a couple of friends on a trip to the beach for an entire weekend. You could have the party on the beach or at a restaurant overlooking the ocean.

Birthday Party Idea for a Teenage Girl #5: If you live close to an amusement park, it’s the perfect place to have fun. Most amusement parks are fun for everyone to go to, regardless of age. You could have the party at one of the restaurants inside the amusement park.

Birthday Party Idea for a Teenage Girl #6: Go with a theme. If your daughter is a huge fan of fashion, why now throw her a fashion theme birthday party? You could make a mock runway and have party goers dress up for the party and strut their stuff. If your daughter is into sports, you could have everyone dress up in sport uniforms and hold the party in the yard.

Birthday Party Idea for a Teenage Girl #7: Throw a surprise party. The best surprise party is when they never even have a clue that it’s coming. Pretend that you’re just going to have a small party at home then make some kind of excuse that your daughter needs to stop at a friend’s or grandma’s after school. When she goes there, have everyone pop out and yell surprise! Everyone should have at least one surprise party in their lifetime.

Birthday Party Idea for a Teenage Girl #8: Pizza Party. If you can’t think of what to do for a party or you just don’t have the time to plan the kind of party you want, then go back to basics. A pizza party is simple, tasty and affordable.

These ideas would work with teenage boys too, you just need to tweak them to make them boy oriented.

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