Brief Discussion About The House Music, Its History And Characteristics

The house music is a form of electronic dance music, created by music producers of Chicago in the 1980’s. When it first came into existence, house music was essentially dance based. It was characterized by repetitive rhythms, 4/4 beats generated by an array of musical instruments. The house music consists of disco music. Apart from that, electronic music, repetitive house rhythm of a house is more important than the house music song.


History of Hosue Music

As early as 1984, house music became popular in the clubs of Chicago. It quickly spread to other parts of America like New York, Detroit, Newark, Baltimore. Later, house music became immensely popular in Europe, Australia, South America.

In Europe, house music became commercially successful in the late 1980’s. Many popular songs hit the Chartbusters since then. From mid 1990 onwards the house music is a familiar name and is a phenomenon that is widely popular in the pop industry across the world. The house music which is a pop based genre started becoming increasingly popular. House music is itself a genre. Over the years it fused with a number of other genres like the tech house, euro house, jump house and electro house.


Acclaimed musicians, pop stars all included the genre (house music) into their work. In mid 1990, this genre became quite successful, it grew larger. By 2001, the genre’s popularity has not diminished and it continued to fuse into ten contemporary subgenres like the deep house, ghetto house, tech house. As of this year, the genre is quite popular in the clubs, at places where pop culture is very prominent.


The song structure of the songs included in the genre (house music) consists of an introduction, a chorus, different verse sections, a midsection, and an outro. There are some songs which do not have the verse. In any genre including the house music, the music plays an important role. Musical instruments like the drums, electronic drum machines play a vital role in song composition in a particular genre.


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House music, its remix are created with the help of synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, electronic drum machines. The genre of songs that are often produced includes disco songs, light music, garage music. There are online websites where music lovers can search and listen to the best house music songs. Followers of this genres can also search and listen to latest music, future releases, hip, hop music, remixes, videos and playlists.

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