What Do You Get In Return After Purchasing 144 Hz Monitors?


Technology is now playing an aggressive role in inventing new things and it is hard for us to stay away from those inventions. A 144 Hz monitor is one such tool which the video gamers cannot resist to buy. But is it worth the money you spent for buying it. Although it is cheap in terms of the applications, you need to look into the features available before shelling out the money out of your pocket for these monitors. You could find a wide range of best cheap 144hz monitor by the help of online sites. Give a try to these monitor after reading the below points.


Benefits of purchasing a 144 Hz monitors

  • If you are laying a multiplayer video game regular then 144 Hz monitor is a must. Because it provides a competitive edge for you among the players who possess monitors with lower refresh rates.
  • Usually refresh rate may be defined as the number of frames that can be displayed by the monitor while operating it in real time. So the higher the number of frames within a second, the higher will be your gaming competency.
  • Your gaming experience will be responsive by the help of these monitors. There is no lag in the monitor and hence the reaction time of the player is very high. This spontaneous ability of the player makes 144 Hz monitor as a god for video gaming.


  • Even though it is very hard to find the differences between a 60 Hz monitor and 144 Hz, the one who have used both can find that something is better in the 144 Hz monitor. Because there is no need to worry about the screen tearing while you are using the 144 Hz monitor.so there is nothing wrong in giving a try to this new technical ghost.


Top 7 Reasons You Need To Utilize Vpn When Travelling

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Are you unsure about when you should access the VPN for travel during the next vacation? If so, then throw all your worries and click here to check out torguard, which offer topmost online privacy protection service. It encrypts your internet connection and offers an anonymous IP so that you can able to browse securely anywhere in the world.


In general, once you have an internet connection, you simply run the VPN and then connect to the VPN server. Finally, start browsing the web whenever you are at leisure. In this network, all the online data and traffic shared between you and server is 100% protected so that nobody can monitor and steal it. While using a VPN, your internet address and digital footprints are hidden.

Here’s why you require a VPN for travel

Take a glance at the reasons you require to use a VPN whenever traveling somewhere else in the world whether it is your business trip or vacation.

  • Using free internet while traveling makes your face several troubles. However, VPN lets you connect without worrying about your security and ensure you are protected from these kinds of attacks
  • Since VPN is highly effective because it routes your internet via a server in a different country, it helps you easily bypass government internet censorship
  • VPN also helps you break the location-based restrictions by hiding your IP address and let you access all the content freely
  • Hide your internet activity from others so that you are completely in the safe zoneimages (2)
  • You can also secure your internet privacy and therefore no risk of your browsing habits and online traffic could be monetized by the ISP
  • VPN protects you from hackers who always look for attacking important date of the users across the world
  • It could even assist you to save money on the flights by help you finding the cheaper flight options quickly

Why Is Photo Compression Important?


Photo compression is the method of minimizing the size of a graphic without compromising the quality of the image. Reducing the size of the image gives you more disk/bandwidth space. This also lessen the time to send the image online.

A compressed photo is way smaller than the raw photo. In this case, your memory card can accommodate 10 uncompressed photos while it can hold 100 compressed ones. You have more value of your memory card now with the compressed photos.


On a mobile phone, you might want to view a photo from the internet but with the raw photo, you need to wait for 5 minutes instead of 1 second when you view a compressed photo. This way, you can also add value to your data plan and save you more time.

There are 3 most common file types on the internet these days: JPEG, GIF and PNG. GIF is a bitmap image format which supports up to 8 bits per pixel. This means that the image can have up to 256 RGB colors. JPEG is a format that uses lossy compression to make smaller sizes of a file. It allows the web designer to balance the compression being used which results in a better quality of the image. PNG is a bitmapped image that uses lossless data compression. This was also created to replace GIF image format. PNG was previously not supported by internet browsers, making JPEG and GIF the commonly used format. However, PNG is not being supported by most browsers. The biggest advantage of PNG is supporting a number of transparency options like the alpha channel transparency. You can also convert PNGs to PDF, there will be another article on how to convert PNG to PDF on Windows.


The formats mentioned above are needed for different types of images. It is just important to choose the correct format to produce high quality images and file sizes that are smaller.