Tips And Tricks To Running

Running has very many different elements to it, but no matter the distance, everybody wants to run faster. You could get online and look at a variety of different ways to “shave time” off of any distance of run. The only problem is that the program that they give to help you get better won’t fit your schedule, or you’re not physically able to put that much work into it.

The main problem with running speed comes from leg muscle, or there lack of, your stomach giving out, and cramps. All three of these are easy fixes that you really don’t need any special equipment to do.


Leg muscle comes mostly from the running in itself. If you have ran in any races before then you’ve probably noticed that the less amount of clothing you wear, such as short-shorts and a tank-top, tire you out a lot slower than your normal running gear. This idea can be reversed to gain both muscle and speed.

During practice, it is advised to run in heavier clothing, such as a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. This extra weight will help you gain more muscle step-by-step in your practices. It will also give you a noticeable drop in weight when you run in a race with the lightest clothes that you can find.

Obviously, you could lift weights to help the extra leg strength, but I’m assuming that if you can afford to do that, then you already are.


The second problem is a weak stomach during a race. Some of this is from nerves, other times it’s from lack of strength, but most of the time it is from both. This problem can be fixed by switching how you run in practice.

If you are running 4 miles with a turn around point at two then it would be best to increase speed for the second half of the run. This puts more stress on your core muscles and will allow you to increase speed more easily during a race.


Another way to strengthen your core would be to do medicine ball workouts. Since not everyone has a medicine ball, I would also like to recommend doing leg raises and planks of various intervals. Of course, a mixture of the two would be the most beneficial.


Cramps are a problem that can make any experienced runner stop moving during a race. The trick is to beat them before you get to a race by running through them at practices and by stretching, drinking plenty of water, and eating enough bananas and potatoes. The cramps from the body will get relived through the healing herbs supplements from the market. The problems will be reduced through the herbal medicines. The drinking of plenty of water will be beneficial for the person with good immune system.