Social Media – Dealing with Negative Feedback

I am asked this a lot during our presentations in Dubai and elsewhere – “How do we deal with negative feedback online – What if we get negative feedback on our blog? What do we do if people talk bad about our company online”

The answer is wake up and smell the coffee – if people are talking about you negatively online then you can be as sure as hell that its happening offline to.  So take the opportunity, welcome the world of dealing with negative and bad feedback about your company.  Follow these simple rules and you will be good to go

Welcome It

Firstly the fact that someone cares enough to tell you that your event, company, products, staff or anything else is terrible is someone that cares.  Thank them for their feedback, if you don’t they will think you simply don’t care about them – that’s not good.

Avoid Emotional Knee Jerk Reactions

Of course, it can be hard to train ourselves not to immediately attack or defend against negative feedback but the reality is that a Knee Jerk reaction of attack will show your true colors, it will show you to be an emotional non listening aggressor – this isn’t where you want to be.


Our first instinct is generally to go on the defensive.  Before you start churning out excuses, take a deep breath and objectively listen to the criticism being offered.  Is there any truth to what is being said?  Can you understand that person’s point of view, if you don’t can you ask them to elaborate or expand on what is being said?

You have this one opportunity to listen to this person, understand them, get an ideal understanding of their point of view and empathize with them.  Don’t blow it by talking over the top of them or discounting their point of view.


Its ok not to necessarily agree, you can always agree to disagree – but you should certainly discuss.  If this person is completely out of the ball park or lost a grip on reality politely make your point of view, state your argument and then at the same time explain that you completely understand that they are entitled to thiers and in this case you are open to agreeing to disagree.

Keep It Professional

Always keep it professional, do not let the person bring the conversation down into smutsville, if they are unreasonably digging for an argument or being completely unreasonable check with others as to their point of view.  If everyone else thinks that this person is just being an asshole then its completely likely that others will to, if they do then they have quite clearly lost their credibility so you don’t need to be all over it. with responses  Don’t delete the thread – keep it there to show the fact that you do listen and that “Yes” sometimes you have to deal with difficult customers to.

Be Honest

Don’t try to lie or squirm your way out of a situation, if you have made a genuine mistake then admit it.  As soon as you have been proven to be a fibber then you have lost your credibility and everyone will know it.  If you don’t know the facts then find out, if you don’t have the answer explain that you are in the process of getting the answer – in no instance delete the post as this will annoy people more and reinforce the fact that they are dealing with the a bad company.

Be Informed

If you don’t know the facts then you need to get them pretty quickly, if you have negative feedback then you need to be thankful for it, you have a unique opportunity to turn this person around from a negative influence to a positive one by your actions.

Ask Advice

If you get a very tricky situation to deal with and you are not sure what to do you should speak to your media agency, head of PR or CEO – take multiple streams of advice and then take action based on your best option.

Learn from your mistakes

If you get it wrong admit that you got it wrong – learn from your mistakes as its certainly the most effective way to learn.

Whenever it comes to accomplishing your intended audience, you have to be smart, assertive, and think about methods that can drive your end result while helping to keep you 2 steps abreast of your competing companies. Well this is practically where the acquisition of subscriptions went into force. Find out the Best place to buy real YouTube subscribers fast & safe.

Your network can not have any incentives because it has no audience.

Proven Social Media Marketing Strategies Work – Know the working!!

Social media is an incredibly effective marketing tool, and it is a platform that every business owner should explore. Social media marketing is not simply a fad, it is a highly sophisticated and targeted system that can be used to achieve your business’ goals. There are several different tools and techniques that can be employed for social media marketing, including:

Market Research

Individually contacting and surveying customers is incredibly time consuming, but doing market research through social media is quick and easy. You can use the tools that are offered by social media platforms to learn about the demographics of your audience and improve your marketing campaigns. After that, it is as simple as tapping into the streams that you have uncovered, and building a relationship which can then be monetized. If you want to comprar seguidores instagram, then you should know the right tools. The role of the tools is excellent to deliver the best results. The un-discovering of the thoughts will provide the fair chances of increasing the benefits. You can adopt the right services to have the benefits. 

Brand Building

The more times a consumer is exposed to your brand, the bigger the chance of them remembering you and becoming a paying customer. Brand building is easier than ever through social media. Participate in discussions, share content created by other people, and release your own high quality and engaging content in order to improve your brand.

Influence the influencers

There are a handful of people in every person’s circle of friends who are known as the influencers. These people provide information about the products they use and the media they consume, and lead the way when it comes to adopting new products and services. Influence these people, and you will build buzz that will spread quickly across your target audience.

Build Backlinks

Producing linkbait content for social media and social bookmarking sites is an old but still effective way of growing your audience. Incoming links are an important part of SEO, and the links that you acquire through social media are some of the highest quality signals that are available to webmasters. Note that linkbait is not the same as spam – share content only if it really does add value to the web as a whole.

Bring in Traffic

Used correctly, social media does not have to be an echo chamber. Share enticing snippets of content, and encourage users to visit your site or subscribe directly to your RSS feed for more interesting and valuable information. The clicks that you acquire through social media will provide valuable traffic which can be a source of ad revenue. Note, however, that social media users tend to be a fairly ad-blind audience, so it is worth catering to bloggers and forum users as well as the social media community so that you can get high quality traffic.

Content Creation

Another thing to consider is acting as a content creator. Using newsletter style Twitter services or even condensing your own posts onto Tumblr is a good idea and can help to establish you as an expert in your niche. The combination of mashups, curated content and content you have created yourself is a great one for any would-be social media guru.

Social media marketing is a difficult skill and it can take a long time to master it. Practice a few different marketing techniques and test them extensively until you figure out the right type and frequency of marketing posts and engagement posts for your niche. If you find it difficult to harness social media yourself, consider outsourcing your social media management to an agency. We highly recommend taking a course at Social Media Marketing University instead of hiring an agency. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn yourself.

Social Media Services – What are the benefits?

Getting on the right track with Social Media is a key step in creating a marketing plan. Social media can no longer be considered optional. A regular plan is necessary to stay in front of the users who are making decisions based on your social media presence or lack of one. 

The “Start Up Process” depends upon your business needs. Each client is different. Getting started is generally easy and takes about an hour to get the initial info and start working on a strategy for your company. The next step of gathering the content, creating or finding visuals, developing a calendar, creating links and setting up website links and optimizing your streams will take a few days

We keep you in the loop the whole time, and can roll out each network individually or hold back and release everything all at once. Some clients are looking for a total marketing solution, hands off and remote control sales, and lead generation We handle all types of marketing besides social media, and will be glad to help you grow your business. Contact Us. With establishing a contact, there is Fast and gradual delivery of Real Quality Instagram Likes. The selected website should offer the real and genuine followers at the account to get the benefits. The marketing is done with intelligence and effectiveness. 

​​​​Breakthrough Marketing & Media Strategies offers tailored packages and delivers social media account set-up or customization upon request. You will receive your own custom Social Media SEO audit, and we will optimize what you already have in place while laying out a manageable strategy for the future. Tell us about specific niche social media uses, we can price the set up or retooling of your firm’s online and social media presence.

Below are examples of some common social media platforms businesses are using, These are one time set up costs to get things going.

  • Fully optimized and matching your online presence connected to websites $200 New / Optimize Existing $100
  • Fully optimized and matching your online presence, connected to websites $150 New / Optimize Existing $75
  • Establish 5 boards and create 50 Pins in the First Month – $250
  • Fully Optimized and connected to other online and social media $200 / Updated $100
  • Set Up Only $600.00 / Monthly blogging prices vary by length and number of posts
  • Enhanced profile with links, maps, gallery and rich content New $175 / Optimize Existing $100
  • $300* / Set Up FREE with Your First Video Project $1,200 or more.

(* Video production is not included in the cost of set up and posting, we must price this separately based on your requirements.)

You can choose a one-off package with a one-time fee, or sign up for a monthly package that gives you an ongoing discount. The customized packages are almost as inexpensive as the pre-fab deals, so if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, call me and let’s meet to work out a premium service which covers your needs and fits your budget!

Monthly Contracts & Services

Your monthly services can be purchased as: month to month, or longer terms of 6 or 12 months. With a long term contract, you earn earn discounts, and renew at your original rates even if the standard rates have gone up. Social Media Services are paid in advance on the first day of the month. Set up charges are payable as 50% at the time the services are engaged, 50% when social media platform set up is completed or optimized. ​

The best part? Once your social networks are set up and your strategy is in place with optimized and solid creative content being generated the platforms should continue to grow naturally and organically.

  • Up to 150 Actions – $400 Per Month – Up to 3 Platforms (New & Small Size Business)
  • Up to 300 Actions – $750 Per Month – Up to 5 Platforms (Medium Size Businesses)

For developing a regular blog, add $200 per 300-450 word article 

  • Up to 500 Actions – $1200 Per Month – Up to 7 Platforms (Mature/Large Businesses

For developing a regular blog add $200 per 300-450 word article 

All The Current Popular and Most Used Platforms Are Included:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter 
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • YouTube 
  • Pinterest 
  • Instagram  Emerging Social Networks like Snapchat when called for. Social Media is about being a positive, authoritative part of the dialog and getting your customers to be advocates for your brand. Your reputation and reviews are important to both search and ensuring customer satisfaction. We monitor your reputation on sites like Yelp! Google+, respond for you when possible and alert you when your direct personal attention is needed. 

You are making a big decision and a big change when you decide to outsource Social Media. We realize that you will need to stay up to the minute and may want to post on your own when opportunities arise. You will share admin privileges and account set up passwords which are standardized for you.

How To Gain Authority Through Quality Links

How do you make your site an authority site in the eyes of Google? Is it possible to be an authority if you’re not an educational or government site?

Is it possible to get a huge page rank not based on links, but on how much trust Google gives you for each page you publish?

Short answer is yes, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes a site can gain authority from getting relevant links made to it from other authority sites, and by linking out to authority sites as well.

The hilltop algorithm has a bunch of different things in it which are not easy to explain, but I can make this page an expert page, even though it’s not a really big authority site and is only a few months old, by linking out to high authority relevant pages on sites that have huge authority as sources.

Nobody understands algorithm better than YouTube, which is why experts always advise to Buy Youtube Views Guide and get to know about how it functions but only after achieving a decent subscriber base so that the viewers would be in on the know about what all to expect about source authority.

That last one is a PR 6, which is pretty good for a sub page of an SEO site. They must have built a ton of links to that page, but the most important thing is that they were still ranking first on the first page for the random search I did which was something like quality authority link building.

So Why Am I Making This Page?

I don’t find it useful to try to hide the fact that I’m writing this blog post in order to make a link to my site, or a site that links to my site in order to get good SEO.

One of the links in the last section above was to a Knoji article, which then links to a guest post I did on Site Pro News about Facebook marketing techniques, and that then links to my site Professional Social Promotion, which then links to a Facebook page which is starting to climb up in the search results for ” social media marketing services “.

It’s a long way from here to there, in fact it’s a three or even four level link pyramid that I’m making to the final destination, and Facebook is only the final destination in a sense, because the links from there are no follow, although they still do give SEO benefit to the pages i share on that Facebook page.

Anyway, I’ve realized that one of the biggest mistakes I was making was that I was spending a lot of time linking out to my own sites, and not linking out to the authority sites I needed to that would pass authority on any link placed on the same page.

It really gives your site authority to be added to a page that has a list of quality, relevant, authority sites as sources. That’s what I’m trying to do here, make quality links , and hope that my lowly guest post and articles and this blog that I’m writing on will pick up some of that authority.

Shocking Benefits of World’s Best Online Social Media

Online social media is nothing but an avenue to say whatever you want. This is how most of us look at these social media sites. Frankly speaking folks, renowned and trusted social media tools like Twitter and Facebook play a very important role in making a business boom in a lightning speed.

You’d seen so many people today who have their personal account on these social networking sites, don’t you. With the cheap youtube subscribers purchasing, the personal account of the people attains popularity with the approach. The role of the social media platform is vital for increasing the awareness about the new products and services. The likes and comments for the posts are purchased to get the desired benefits. 

Reap All Those Shocking Benefits through World’s Best Online Social Media Sites

Come to think of it! Even a kindergarten knows what Facebook is. A grader might be one of the hottest pop band’s Twitter followers. Regardless of age, gender or whatsoever, these websites can neither be used as entertainment nor self-expression alone.

For some, maybe! But, for professionals who are done with these tidbits of leisure at some point or another, online social media are perceived to be a very important trading tool.In fact, these sites never cease tossing thousands of enterprises today.

That’s the reason why I want to share this little secret with you. As much as possible, everybody desires to succeed in whatever business endeavor he takes. This “everybody” includes me and you. That’s for sure. (wink)

Familiarize these online social media business platforms, apply any or combination of it in your trade, and get ready to plow as much gain as you want. Imagine how fantastic it would be for you to reap all the gains and build a good reputation.

Through the help of these social media platforms, businessmen don’t need to approach every person they meet in the streets or in a Sunday mass just to promote their products and services. These people will hear the good news beyond expectations. Staying in doubt with the efficiency of these social media tools does not make sense. Trust me!

You would only get to know how powerful these online connections are once you took part of it.

In just a matter of few mouse clicks from home, you will be able to shout out pieces of information to millions of potential customers.

If I were to ask you, what would be your basis of successful social media tools?

Instead, it’s a mishmash of these three mentioned elements.

If you are thinking of an increased website traffic alone, you better throw it and pay a closer attention to this. Tossing your site on top of the rank can be done in soooo many different and easy ways. Yet, it’s basically not enough to make your business thrive amidst the competition.

Using these reputable social media tools, brand exposure, traffic and communication are within an easy reach.

This is one of the fastest growing social media platforms today whose user interface has stunned so many computer users all over the world. It is ranked with four stars as a result of its convenient platform that are perfect to build a fast and effective communication. Its mobile phone compatibility is captivating as well.

Through Facebook account, you can send out invitations to your clients and employees by posting it on their Facebook walls. You wouldn’t believe how competent Facebook is in spreading the word to people.

You are a professional, aren’t you? If so, you definitely know LinkedIn. For success oriented individuals like us, we value our relationship with people more than profit. Our customers determine the success of our endeavors. I am very much willing to bet that those traders who failed to understand this fact (because of profit) would definitely see themselves shattered like a broken glass.

This is one of the most popular social media platforms that perfectly fit fresh grads and business newbie. Of course, it is more than exchanging calling cards. It gives you all the information you need through LinkedIn Answer and Update scheme.

This is an online social media tool that typical social media consultant uses in business promotion and advertising. Establishing a good name and advertising your products through it makes the 44th US President Obama know that your trade exists. His Twitter account can attest to this online social media tool’s popularity.

Are you looking to increase your business, Lead Generation, Marketing Sales, Customer relationship thru online social media?

Essential tips for growing your brand on Instagram

Instagram is the best platform on which tons of people uploads their daily life happening in the form of posts or stories. On the other hand, there are some people who run a brand or business over Instagram. If you are one of those who need to grow your brand over Instagram, then you should stay till the end.

 Also, you should not forget to use InstaPrivateViewer, which is the application with the help of which you can view the private profiles of the users without even following them.

Some of the unheard tips are as follows.

  • Gain followers-

Your main focus should be on gaining followers over Instagram. It can be done by following random people online, or on the other hand, and you can buy the followers legally with the help of online services.

  • Tell out the stories-

You should tell out the stories by posting it or upload it in story mode. Do not forget to tag people and ask them to share it because it is the only way in which you can gain reach as well as followers in no time.

  • Posts-

You should keep posting regularly over Instagram so that people can stay up to date in terms of what is going on in your brand. If you are new, then you should focus on creating an attractive post for the people out there.

  • Keep connected-

Keep connected with the people is the only way in which you can able to be in touch with the people. You should never made them feel left out because that will be going to leave the negative impact on your brand. You should not only help them to understand, but also you should tag them in your post to make them feel special.



Build Real Followers on Instagram with these Tips

Instagram is considered as one of the best platforms for wide variety of endeavors. Whether it is for your business, brands, or blogs, Instagram is certainly an effective medium to do your advertising and marketing activities. However, with lots of people and businesses who are using the same platform, the competition now is quite fierce. Hence, it is crucial that you know how to put your best foot forward by growing your followers on Instagram. To help you out, this article will provide you some tips on how you can build real followers on one of the commonly used social media platforms across the globe.

Use the right hashtag

Hashtags are one of the engaging elements on Instagram. Using the right and relevant hashtag will definitely help you in increasing your followers. It also makes the lives of people to locate your photos when they are searching for specific items.

Use the right filters

Another element of Instagram that you need to pay attention to is the filters for your photos. Yes, there are numerous photo filters on the platform such as lark, Ludwig, Valencia, clarendon and so many more. But it is your task to choose the right filter so your photos will appear catchy and interesting to people.

Post Regularly

It is crucial to have a schedule of your posting activities. Always keep in mind that people are looking for something new and they want to be updated. As such, you should post your content on a regular basis so both your existing and future followers will be aware of your page updates.

Use Sponsored Ads

Another tip that you should consider is to use sponsored ads. Nowadays Instagram seems to be a commonplace for advertisements. This is because the sponsored ads are proven to be effective in generating leads, boosting site traffic and so as increasing followers. To help you more to grow your followers, visit this site:

What Kind of Facebook Game Player Are You?

As of 2012, Facebook has almost 1 billion active users. And if you are one of those active users, you probably think there are nearly as many game applications you can play on Facebook. There aren’t quite that many, but Facebook gaming has become cottage industry and the vast majority of Facebook users play at least one Facebook game. Not every plays these games the same way. Read on to see what kind of Facebook game player you are. The tricks of the sellers should be smart so that there will be increase in the league of legends accounts for sale. The reviews of the game should be in the notice of the players so that it will increase the interest of the players in the video game. 

The Spammer

Quote: You’ve picked your 5 millionth potato. Click here for a bonus potato.

The spammer is the worst enemy of the casual Facebook user. The spammer fills everyone else’s Facebook pages with posts about farming, cooking, building castles, and killing mafia bosses. This may be because the spammer is simply addicted to the game and these posts provide tangible benefits to the spammer in progressing in the game, but often it is simply because the spammer doesn’t even realize they are posting every little triumph in the game to other people’s pages. Sadly, the most common spammers are parents and grandparents who found a neat little game and don’t fully understand what happens every time the click the share button.

The Idler

Quote: Bored now.

The idler is the kind of person who is actually usually quite organized. The idler tends to play quick games that do not require daily practice in between other activities. If the idler has 20 minutes until the dryer is done or 10 minutes before code compiles, that is enough time to play a Facebook game. Stay at home parents are the most common idler, though anyone with gaps of inactivity at work is also likely to be an idler.

The Socializer

Quote: Did you see that I scored 98 points for the word ‘sasquatch’?

The socializer only wants to play games that have some group dynamic. Primarily this includes competitive games like Words with Friends or some form of poker. Most socializers prefer to play with friends they know in real life, though some actually meet new people in the games they play and then friend them on Facebook. If one of your friends suddenly has 100 new friends that you’ve never heard of and that live all over the world, your friend is probably a socializer.

The Fanatic

Quote: Oh no! It is 4:02. I am late to collect my income in Mafia Land!

The good news about the fanatic is that the fanatic isn’t addicted to World of Warcraft. The bad news is that the fanatic is addicted to some Facebook that is just about equally likely to lead to poor hygiene, bad social skills, and sleepless nights. Due to the very nature of many Facebook games, the fanatic probably has to schedule every other activity around playing the game. Extreme examples of the fanatic likely spend more real world money playing the game than they would for any monthly subscription game. On a positive note, the fanatic is usually one of the top players of the game and can demand bragging rights due to that.

The Dilettante

Quote: Have you heard of this new game on Facebook?

For every Facebook user there exists a game that is appealing. For some Facebook users, every game is appealing, for about two weeks. The dilettante enjoys a wide variety of games, but is never satisfied with any. When a friend starts playing a new game, so does the dilettante, usually to the exclusion of one or more games the dilettante was previously playing. For the social games this can be particularly frustrating for everyone except for the dilettante. The dilettante doesn’t care though, because the new game is totally awesome, just like all the other new games were.

Can You See Who Looks At Your Facebook Or Not? Read To Find

Are you wondering who is looking at your Facebook? Maybe you want to see if a former best friend is still looking at your page or maybe you’re wondering if the person you have a crush on looks at you frequently. No matter what your reasons are, the most important thing to keep in mind that it is very difficult – though not impossible – to see who has been stalking your Facebook page. Here are some of the things that you should know about being able to see who looks at you.

Can You See Who’s Looking at Your Facebook Page?

There is only one effective way to find out who is looking at you on Facebook, but it is difficult to do. It is by using Trazkor, which is a profile tracker. While Facebook actually has a ban against profile trackers and can ban you due to invasion of privacy, there is one reason Trazkor is still “legitimate.” The only way you can find out who is looking at you by using Trazkor is if that person also has an account. Thus, you will not be able to see each and every single person who looks at your Facebook. If you don’t have any friends who have Trazkor, you will not be able to see if anyone has looked at your account.

If you want to increase the chances of being able to see who has looked at your Facebook, you may want to consider posting a status which says you are using Trazkor. This may encourage your friends to also use Trazkor to find out who is looking at their own Facebook pages. Keep in mind that once you have created an account with Trazkor, you are also allowing other people who use this profile tracker to see that you have viewed their accounts as well.

Can You Prevent People From Looking at Your Facebook?

If you are wondering if there is anyone to prevent people from looking at your Facebook account, the answer is yes the company has installed all the software and IP protectors that are can only be purchased via Torguard Coupons & Coupon Codes. All that you need to do is click on “privacy settings” and then go to “customize settings.” You can configure each specific area of your Facebook page (such as photos or wall posts) to decide who can see them. The options are “everyone,” “friends and networks,” “friends of friends,” “friends only,” and “customize.” If you select “customize,” you can choose from “friends only,” “specific people” and “only me.”

Anyone who is worried about strangers or even people they know viewing what they put on Facebook should consider changing their privacy settings. Though there is a small possibility that you may be able to see who is viewing your Facebook by using Trazkor, the chance is small.

Social Pet-working at Barkworld Expo

People love their pets. They blog about them, take pictures, videos and create websites for their pets. The more pet owners tweet and use social media promoting their pets, the faster they brand them. The more popular the brand, the more pet related companies are interested in working with them.

Attention Reaps Rewards

At Barkworld Expo, pet enthusiasts have the opportunity to connect with companies searching for influential bloggers; bloggers with a large following.

Companies will send free samples for product reviews – often by the pet themselves, though their human companions give them voice through their blogs, tweets and facebook pages. After all, it’s tough to type without opposable thumbs, especially when claws get in the way.

While it is great to receive free products, most pet bloggers are also searching for a means of earning income through branding their pets. Barkworld Expo offered several presentations that aid in this process.

Creating a Brand through YouTube

Many pet owners want to see their pets on the silver screen. To them, their pets are already stars. It is merely a matter of showing the rest of the world that they can shine for others as well. Using YouTube to create a channel and upload short videos of their pets involved in activities and display their training repertoire is one means of creating a following, thereby branding one’s pet.

At Barkworld Expo, participants can learn from the owners of other pet stars. These include:

  • Lauren Girard and her Border Collie, Paige   
  • CJ Johnson and her dog, Jasmin

CJ and Lauren gave a presentation on how to prepare one’s dog for YouTube stardom, joined on stage by Jeff Funk of, discussing exactly what it takes to make people notice your pet on the You Tube social medium.

Creating a Brand through Blogging

Barkworld participants learned how to create a brand through blogging in their pet’s voice. Influential bloggers, Diane Silver who writes To Dog with Love and Rachel Phelps who writes Preston Speaks. These two bloggers have such a large following that pet companies seek them out offering product samples for review as well as other forms of support through advertising – every blogger’s dream; being able to actually earn income through their pet blog.

Wishful pet bloggers and branders were also treated to presentations from Ted Rheingold, founder of and, websites which showcase people’s pets. Ted discussed his early days of being a starving design engineer to realizing his dream of totally interactive and attractive pet websites where pet owners could share all the wild and wonderful antics of their pets with other pet enthusiasts.

One of the most important presentations was by Cheryl Lawson, the owner of Precious, a huge social media hit, due to all the time and diligence of her human companion, Cheryl. Ms. Lawson brought together how to create and market one’s pet brand through numerous social media outlets.

Instagram is the latest youth sensation and has taken social media by storm by having a far greater outreach among people of all age groups and has long since overtaken facebook in terms of popularity. In fact, the situation is such that automatic & instant delivered instagram likes have become a precursor for fame and adulation which is incidentally desired by one and all.