Product Review: Cable-Free Usb Hub By Belkin

I acknowledge the fact that I am extremely addicted to electronic gadgets. No matter where I go, I am constantly patrolling for the latest and greatest consumer electronic gadget that will make our lives easier. Living in a fast-paced society, convenience is our best friend. We do not have time to waste products that will slow us down and cause more grief. When I discovered this handy little product I had to jump for joy. It was just what I needed for a little more convenience in my life.

The Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub was meant for consumers that need to connect their USB devices to their computers beyond the normal range. It is also a very good solution if you have been desiring to get rid of a cluttered mess of cables. Taking the initiative to create a clutter-free desktop should be everyone’s desire for a New Year. Once you gain freedom from a cluttered mess, you will rapidly start to notice how your productivity level for work will increase. After adding this wonderful device to your gadget collection, you will be able to connect your devices that work with USB technology beyond the regular 15-foot limit. You can learn more about these amazing USB cables on  along with all the different options and USB cable variants that are there in the market so that as you can make a better choice as you buy one of the USB cables.

Belkin’s Cable-Free USB Hub works with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology so that it will not interfere with any of your existing wireless devices. With a reasonable price and excellent organizational potential, many consumers will benefit from purchasing it. It includes the four-port USB hub with the UWB transceiver built-in, the USB extension base, and the UWB dongle. The base for the device will allow users to position the dongle in different positions for the best wireless reception. The drivers and software that come along with the unit will let you effortlessly pair the dongle with the wireless USB hub.

Most traditional USB hubs have an automatic plug and play technology without driver installation. The Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub requires driver installation because of its complex features. Despite having to do this task, it is still very simple and easy to get it up and running. After you have completed your installation process, you will have to run a utility and then enter the MAC address found on the bottom of the hub. Doing this will allow the wireless hub and the UWB dongle to pair with one another, just like other Bluetooth devices. You will only have to do this pairing task once.

Using the Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub with your other USB devices will produce splendid results. Not having everything jumbled together in one big cable mess is a definite bonus. Connecting USB printers, scanners, and other devices will be one of the easiest things you could do. Soon, you will notice that all of your devices will operate fully with no hiccups. Purchasing this device for your home business or small business will be a smart idea. Not only will it help you keep everything organized, but it will also provide you with useful technology with a lot of potentials.

Blockchain: The Technology Behind Bitcoin

Anyone who has been reading about or following the world of online banking, Bitcoin evolution, digital currencies, or virtual banking would be familiar will the word blockchain. In recent years, this word has also found it to be relevant in the field of cyber terrorism, hacking, and digital frauds. Over the years,blockchain has gained prevalence in our vocabulary. But despite being frequently used, not many understand the technology behind it.

What do we mean by Blockchain?

For a layman understanding the concept of blockchain has become hard because of the language that surrounds it. The word blockchain comprises of two words: block + chain. Here the block refers to virtual information and chain stands for a public database. So blockchain stands for digital data that, in public databases. Each block can store close 1MB data in it. Blocks have a unique code called “hash” that distinguishes it from other blocks and acts as its unique identification.

How does the Blockchain function? 

According to experts, broadly four conditions must be met for a blockchainto be formed and work successfully. These four conditions are:

  1. A digital transaction must take place.
  2. The said transaction should be properly verified.
  3. After the verification, the transaction should be stored in a block.
  4. Once it is added in the block, the block will gain a new hash or identification code. Once the hash is successfully added, the block becomes part of the blockchain and gets added in the chain.

Is Blockchain Safe and Private? 

By definition, Blockchain is not private, and everyone has a copy of it. However, it does not reveal private information and identifiable information is limited to a username or some sort of vague digital signature. Blockchains are not 100% safe but they are really hard to manipulate by hackers.

Shadowhawk Tactical X800

Extremes such as natural disasters and domestic terrorism continue to be on the rise and the need for a tactical flashlight is becoming a necessity. A practical and simple flashlight is said to provide a high lumen beam that will be able to help you, serving as a self defense weapon by itself. This is why the X800 tactical flashlights are the best in the market. best-flashlight-2014

Shadowhawk Tactical X800

Fit with enhanced LED flashlight the Shadowhawk Tactical X800 gives a good and sharp beam of light that has a range of versatile benefits that includes its use by tactical personnel, police and the people of America. This flashlight is available online only has quite a large demand for its make and effect. The X800 boasts to provide quality effect and a variety of benefits for its

Features of X800

The Shadowhawk Tactical X800 gets dispatched from a warehouse in China and is designed in the United States of America. The flashlight is suitable for individual who are security officer, outdoorsmen, hunter, hiker, fireman, fisherman, nature explorer, camper, preparation experts, and survival specialists.

  • 5 Zoom Focusing Telescopic Beam: X800 has the capacity to go 2000X, 1000X, 500X, 250X and 1X with its state of the art focusing and zooming flexibility.
  • Lumen LED Bulb XPE 800: This LED bulb promises to provide a minimum incandescent lighting of 40x and florescent light of 6x. The XPE light bulb is a unique feature of the Shadowhawk Tactical X800 which cannot be found in any other flashlight. The flashlight is waterproof for about 30 minutes in up to 6 feet water.
  • Preset Settings: The flash light is fit with a memory-mode coded Low, Medium, High, SOS and Strobe functional lighting options.
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum: When it comes to design fixtures this weatherproof X800 is said to be completely packed with ultra tough, superior strength, compact, lightweight and extra durable build.
  • Self Defense: It is said that the flash light is prepared with thoughtfulness in details that make it fit for even military-styled strategic planning. It is equipped with enhanced self-defense of crenellated strike bezel that makes this flashlight a great device that comes in handy at times of need.

Environmental control unit is a friendly way of calling the tactical flashlight and the X800 is popularly known as the top flashlight on police belts. The flashlight is said to be quite similar to the ones that Police Officers, US Search and Rescue, Military personnel and US Navy Seals use in day to day life. The Shadowhawk Tactical X800 flashlight is a solid buy for the price that you pay. You can use this flashlight regular for your everyday activities or you can use it specifically for trekking and camping in the wilderness. Either way, this flashlight will give you exactly what you expect from a typical flashlight- brilliant light to show your way. It goes a step further and acts as a self defense tool in times of need.

Digital Photo Frame – A New Way To Keep Memories Forever

A digital photo frame is commonly called as a digital media frame. A digital photo frame is a picture frame that is used to display digital photographs. It doesn’t require any printer or computer. The digital photo frames were invented much before the introduction of digital computers. A digital photo frame has basically been designed for stationary objects that can give an artistic look.

The digital photo frames are present in a variety of sizes and shapes with a varied number of features too. Some can even support videos along with the display of photographs. A digital photo frame can be made available in various sizes starting from a tiny key chain sized frame to a large wall-mounted frame. The most common size range starts at 7 inches and ends at 20 inches.


Previously, these photo frames were designed to display only jpeg images but today, these are designed to display slideshows of photographs with adjusted time interval. Some can even send pictures to the printer as the frame designed by Sony, the S-Frame F800. This photo frame has an integrated printer fixed at the back using which the pictures can be sent to printer.

Digital photo frames have internal memory storage where we can save the pictures to be displayed. By inserting the camera’s memory card into the frame also, the pictures can be displayed. We can even display pictures in the frame using the USB or by using the Bluetooth. There is also a feature of sharing the pictures with other frames. Built-in speakers are present in the frames to display videos with sound content. There are some frames that even supports remote control features.

2005-07-15 022

The frame sizes that are in high demand today includes 4:3, 3:2 and 16:9 ratios among their length and width. The frame should be purchased according to the size of photograph to be displayed so that the picture doesn’t need to be cropped or stretched to fit the frame properly.

In February 2008, a large number of photo frames were found to have malicious hacking programs as a content stored on their internal storage. As security is a big issue, the frames should be properly checked for such matters before purchasing.

Ultimate Guide To Web Design Wollongong:

One such area in the IT domain is Web Designing, which is about the various skills and disciplines that are used in the production and maintenance of websites. Development of websites is of great importance now-a-days every business wants to do promotions instantly and efficiently. The best way to do this is by going online, and an integral part of this process is web designing?

Web Designing is the art of creating beautiful and information web pages. Some significant deciding factors appeal the audience as they look at a website:

  • Website’s logo
  • Structural element design
  • Header / Header Image
  • Typography
  • Button styles
  • Footer

To make your site attractive and more user-friendly, you can use various tools which are suggested by Web design Wollongong. Let’s take a look at this one by one:


Adobe’s Flash:

The Flash software by Adobe is a great application if you wish to produce animations in web pages and advertisements. Flash is used to make web pages more interactive. With Flash, you can integrate videos into the Web easily.

Developer Tool in Chrome:

The Developer Tool in Chrome is a useful one while you are building a web page. A lot of times when a code some are missed, the entire website gets screwed up. In such cases, the Developer Tool of Chrome proves helpful as it lets you identify the actual error. A quick tip here is that you can get to these tools, by right-clicking on the page and then selecting ‘Inspect element’ from the menu options.

Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe offers another web designing tool – Illustrator. This software is used primarily for vector graphics. Web designers use Illustrator as a reliable tool for creating logos for the website. Websites can also be wire-framed using Adobe Illustrator.

Notepad ++:

Then we have the Notepad++, a tool that acts as a powerful text editor. It supports syntax highlighting for many web languages. A very handy software for additional plugins, Notepad++ enables you to retrieve files from your web server.


This is the third offering from the Adobe bucket. Photoshop is a powerful graphic design software that makes web development easier and efficient. It lets you create an initial layout for websites and then move to the code to have a full idea of how the website will look at the end.


Adobe is almost ruling the word as Dreamweaver to falls in its bucket. Many web designers use Dreamweaver as their code editor. The software is available for both Mac and Windows. The recent versions of Dreamweaver come with support for web technologies like CSS, JavaScript, and many other server-side scripting languages and frameworks.

The majority of the tools that we talked about come from Adobe, which is a leading IT software manufacturing company. As there are multiple offerings from Adobe, you can always opt for its courses, such as Adobe Photoshop Training, Illustrator certifications, etc.

Be Interactive:

Having a social media presence isn’t outdated, everybody still checks their Facebooks, if only sparingly. Use those opportunities to make your business known by continuing the conversation about your products and services. Have a team that is dedicated to interacting with your fans and you will see the business boom as your content has not only provided value to them, but they were able to give feedback to you. This aspect of marketing allows you to improve your existing products and services or gather ideas about where to go next. It’s a gold mine.

Hopefully, with these insights into internet marketing, you’ll be able to boost your campaign. While they aren’t some exotic get rich quick scheme, they work; and will for the foreseeable future.

Sharing is Caring:

One of the best ways to get popular on social networking sites, and online, in general, is to share high quality content. People who take the time to enhance and image and create a funny saying are doing the little things that so many people respond too. If you are creative then making good quality content should come easily to you. If you aren’t so left-brained, then you can at the very least share content and add to the conversation.


A search bar:

A nice big one, easy to read and use that is bright enough to find the right products every time.


Don’t make your customer type in the whole product. Use auto-complete suggesting products based on the first few letters.


Use beautiful photography and real interactivity to make your site attractive to the browsing shoppers.


For those less tech-savvy customers, a ‘suggestions’ tool can help them find the gift or product they need by answering a few simple questions.

So these are some of the tips and advice for newly created websites or for the well-established sites who are looking make their websites more interactive and generate some outcome.

Facetime For Pc

No, no, Facetime is not yet available for PC. But we really hope it does. It is one of the most popular video calling app. Apple users can Facetime other apple users anytime they want. It is so good, it’s almost like calling, but better, with videos. Other people use different video calling apps, so they can’t always video call everyone, they have to ask first, if the other has the same app, then they video call. Apple users do not have this problem. Facetime is already in built in their devices and they enjoy it whenever they want.

facetime for pc gives video calling a different definition. It makes the experience of a video call so good, no other app can be compared to it. It is simple, so easy to use, has a really good quality, it is free, has no issues at all. It is actually the best video calling app. But, unavailable for non-apple devices.

It is limited, non-apple users cannot use it and it is a shame. Facetime should be available for other cell phones and PCs too. There are so many people out there who does not use apple mobile phones or PCs. According to a research, there are more windows and android users than apple. If Facetime is available for others too, it will make everyone happy. Customers would be happy as they will get to use the app without buying the expensive apple devices. Facetime app makers would be happy as their customers will increase. It is a win-win situation for all the parties.

Apple may have some problems about making Facetime available for others as their sales may get effected. But they should not worry about it. People who likes apple, will buy apple no matter what and people who thinks apple is very expensive, they will never buy it. They are not a fan of apple and they have made their mind that they are fully satisfied with android and windows. So apple should not worry, they will not lose their customers, but they will get new customers for Facetime, if they make it available for others.


I think even I would be very happy if it happens. A few of my relatives and friends are apple users and they Facetime each other whenever they want, I feel bad because I am a non-apple user and I cannot do the same. I am not a very big fan of apple so obviously I’ll never buy apple just to use a video calling app. I think many people out there must think the same thing. I think it would be profitable for everyone if it is available for others too.