Christie Brinkley The Perfect Supermodel

The fashion industry is fickle to say the least and this includes the reign of top models who rule the catwalk. They can be the toast of the industry one season and the next they are out of vogue. That is of course not the case with the so called ‘supermodels’, whom have a long and illustrious career in a very mercurial industry. The term itself was relatively unknown till the late seventies and eighties when the term began to be increasingly used to refer to a select few models who dominated the fashion industry like no other.


And the term befittingly was coined for Christie Brinkley, the first true example and epitome of the term. She took the modelling world by storm in the late seventies and eighties and since then has continued to be a role model for women of all ages. Even at 61 years of age she will give any young model a run for her money. Her sheer natural beauty combined with her natural good looks and effervescence has made her one of the most beautiful women in the world. She had managed to retain the classic beauty over time, which made her the first supermodel on the planet.


The secret to Christie’s timeless beauty is of course a combination of diet, exercise, meditation and only the use of natural organic beauty products. Being a vegan she is very conscious of the choice of beauty products she uses as well as endorses. Her personal line of Christie Brinkley Skin Care products is extremely popular with women of all ages and ethnic types. Read any Christie Brinkley skin care review and it offers testimony of the effectiveness of using her organic natural products. From skin creams to lipsticks and foundation, there is an extensive range of beauty products to choose from. Her line of cosmetics and organic beauty products are a natural way to look beautiful and timeless the way Christie is!

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