Darwinia+ Review for Xbox Live Arcade

In Introversion’s latest Xbox Live Arcade game Darwinia+, players help Dr. Sepulveda take back control of Darwinia by eradicating an evil virus that has infected the world and killed countless Darwinians. After completing the single player campaign, players can then inflict total devastation upon each other over Xbox Live on Multiwinia.


The main campaign of Darwinia+ is straight forward, however don’t let the goal fool you. Eradicating the virus on each map and repowering the various structures are more easily said than done. Each level can take an hour (or more) to complete, providing a lot of play value in time compared to other Xbox Live Arcade titles.darwinia-xbox3

Controls are simple enough, players can have units travel to specified places on the map, however they are limited “by their eyesight” as Dr. Sepulveda tells you. The ability to select individual units, aim, and shoot with them is what makes Darwinia+ unique compared to other real time strategy games such as Star Craft. The control over the games will be good when the games will be verified under 토토사이 site. The aim of the players should be at winning for prize money.

During my analysis of Darwinia+, there were a few of things that bothered me. First, although there is a tutorial provided, while playing the main campaign one may be left scratching their head on how to accomplish a task.

Second, moving squads across the map can be cumbersome and time consuming. When moving with your squad the camera’s focus will shift automatically, making it hard to accurately view the whole surrounding area for enemies. This makes it hard to accurately target enemies with the analog sticks. Nothing is more disappointing than having three squads terminated and having to back track across the entire map.

Another thing that bothered me was the unlimited lives. When you realize there is no downside to having your squads terminated other than having to have new ones trek across the map, suicide missions become the norm. If a limit of say, twenty squads could be created on any given level, then players would play more tactfully.


Multiwinia is a completely separate game that comes with Darwinia+. One key difference between the Darwinia campaign and Multiwinia is the ability to select and move your Darwinians. Multiwinia can support up to four players total, with a combination of humans and AI. One can choose to play exclusively with AI, and also change their difficulty settings to either easier or harder if they are so inclined.

While the AI is certainly challenging, Multiwinia shines over Xbox Live playing with real players. There are several different game modes in Multiwinia, from king of the hill to total domination of the map. Additionally, there are several different maps for each mode, providing plenty of variety. Gamers who are fans of Star Craft will quickly become as addicted to Multiwinia as I did.


Darwinia+ does not even come close to having next generation graphics, however it is certainly unique. View this slideshow to see what I’m talking about, and check out this trailer to see some game play.

The game is supposed to look the way it does, and make players feel as if they are in a virtual world. For some this may be a major drawback and keep those from purchasing this title however do not let the looks fool you as you will end up missing out on one of the best real time strategy games available for Xbox 360.


The soundtrack to Darwinia+ is pleasant to the ear when it is heard. While playing the single player campaign, there were many times that the music just stopped and there was no sound other than the fire of lasers and grenades from my squads – which proved quite annoying. Whenever Dr. Sepulveda speaks to you, it is through text, so there is no downside to muting your television and playing some music of your own.


Although Darwinia+ is one of the more expensive Xbox Live Arcade games topping about at 1200 Microsoft Points, you are really buying two separate games- Darwinia and Multiwinia. Unlike Darwinia, Multiwinia’s intensive multiplayer skirmishes can be played indefinitely, and Multiwinia is where the game truly shines.

Multiwinia’s variety of game types, maps, and the ability to play up to three other players keep the game from growing stale even after extended play. I would have gladly paid 800 Microsoft Points to play just Multiwinia, and I am surprised that the option to purchase either game separately wasn’t offered like Hasbro’s Game Night.

Final Thoughts


Darwinia+ is ideal for fans of real time strategy games like StarCraft and Halo Wars. While the single player campaign of Darwinia+ is relatively short and sweet, leader boards will have you competing against your friends. Gamers who do not enjoy RTS games may want to shy away from this title.

The included Multiwinia provides for unlimited replay value. Unlike a game of Star Craft, a game of Darwinia+’s Multiwinia will never last more than twenty minutes. With only three different units to play with in Multiwinia, players focus more on strategy than upgrading units as they do in Star Craft. This means that you will spend more time making strategic decisions regarding your deployment of Darwinians.

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