Do I Need a Wedding Cake Topper? Check this out

Many happy couples enjoy preparing for the day of their wedding and they enjoy selecting just the right cake topper, which will bring out the highlights of their specially selected wedding cake. For most bride and grooms picking out their cake topper together symbolizes their commitment and unity together and adds the final touches on their wedding celebration.

Traditional cake toppers in the past have often been saved as a keepsake and handled down from generation to generation, which was done purposely to keep tradition alive in the family. For some purposing to passing down a wedding cake topper signifies an everlasting marriage and long life in their marriage. This was an older tradition that is still carried on by some bride and grooms today.


The modern wedding in the 21st century is all about laughter, stylish fun, and excitement. Modern bride and grooms choose from a variety of clever and trendy cake toppers. Many wedding cake toppers are made to express humor, themes of when the bride and groom first met, a letter monogram of the two of them, sharing a multi-ethnic theme, wedding bells or flowers. Many couples choose wedding cake toppers based upon what the couple enjoys doing together, such as hobbies that they share, or future plans that they have determined that they will accomplish together. The cake topper can also be personalized with the name of the bride and groom written with crystals. Some great cake topper options can be found at:

A wedding cake topper may be saved as a reminder or a memory of that special moment when the bride and groom said, “I do”. The wedding cake toppers can also be brought out to celebrate the couple’s first wedding anniversary celebration, to symbolize the first year together. Some have even turned their cake topper into a table centerpiece for their home by adding some floral pieces to the cake topper. This is a beautiful way to enhance the dining area in the newly weds home. Others save their cake toppers in preparation for when their little girls get engaged; and then they present the cake topper from mother to daughter, hoping to carry the tradition on.

Cake toppers are available in various prices. You can find a cake topper for as low as $10.00 and as expensive as $300.00 based upon the material and style of the cake topper but they are significantly high in pricing compared to wedding dj lancaster pa. You can select a cake topper that fits your budget and your wedding theme. Traditionally the bride’s mom and dad pay for the wedding and may or may not include the cake topper. The cake topper is a keepsake or a memoir and is often paid for by the bride and groom even if the bride’s family is paying for the rest of the wedding. The modern wedding is often paid for almost exclusively by the bride and groom, including the cake topper.


A cake topper expresses the taste and style of the bride and groom and can vary in style from humorous to formal. A wedding cake topper can make any cake come alive with meaning and excitement and add to the theme and style of the wedding celebration.

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