Escape Room – Dive Into Reality

It has always been a fantasy of almost every gamer to be in a real game environment. A gaming environment where you are physically involved in the game. Just imagine, you are locked in a room and there is no direct way to escape. The only way you can is to look for clues that will lead you to solving the mystery and hence escape the room. The very realisation of this fantasy is the Escape Room.


Historically, escape rooms have had varied settings and games since the inception. In the beginning, escape rooms were more like a tourist attraction due to the exclusivity of the entertainment it offered. But later on, it became more like a frequent exercise. While the earliest escape room in Silicon Valley had a single game, escape room Singapore had over 50 games in 2015.

The clues provided in the escape room are in the form of puzzles. So naturally, players need to awaken the detective within them and solve these puzzles in order to move on. And surely a puzzle solving exercise needs a time limit. So players need to solve all the puzzles required to exit the room in a set time, otherwise they lose by default. The games are meant to be played by any number of players simultaneously within the same escape room. So the players can compete against each other or also work in teams.


So escape rooms do help in team building exercises. The games are set in varying settings. The settings involve different fictional locations like dungeons, prison cells, space stations, haunted villas and ravaged cities. So there is a lot of choice so as to select the kind of puzzles you want too. Overall the experience is entertaining and a refreshing change from the virtual world, especially for heavy gamers.

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