Experience Bug Free Movies With Movietube 4.4

There are times when your mood sets right, the ambiance is perfect, you are all by yourself with your cell phone with good internet connectivity, all geared up to watch your favorite and much awaited movie. But then due to some mis-happenings your movie takes forever to get buffered and loaded. It not only makes your mood go bad but also forces you to change your plans from movie-watching to something else.

Considering the above written case, what if one is provided with a solution to this very problem, what if someone steps forward to assure you that you favourite movie would not be interrupted with any interruption?

 The MovieTube 4.4

There is an application available for a while now, which is free, and now has that very bug fixed which made high resolution movies took a really long time to load.

This application provides HD movies from various genres ranging from sci-fi, animated, cartoons, Bollywood, hollywood to any other. It is available for android phones and tablets right now, but can be used for apple products as well by downloading it on PC.

MovieTube 4.4 is an update to MovieTube app, which earlier had a bug which used to shout out “MovieTube not working”. This update has resolved the issue.

It also helps you get videos from youtube, which are not only available for free, but also in HD.


This app provides you with films and TV series in a number of languages including english, korean, japanese, chinese and many others.

It promises to offer not just latest movies and series, but also movies which are old enough, even from the nineties. This also allows you to filter the kind of movies you prefer according to your taste, which means it is customisable.

Go download this app and the update, and watch movies carefree.


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