Extreme Couponing: Weekend Shopping

Generally, I try to avoid the stores on the weekends altogether. The main reason is that the stores tend to be more crowded because many people have the weekends off. Another reason I have noticed in my area is that some area supercenters and grocery stores have unadvertised sales that they start on Friday and run until the new ad comes out on Sunday. Not all stores offer last-minute sales, but there have been some I have run into when I do make my way to the store. By becoming a deal expert you will be able to get the most out of these coupons and deals. All you need to do is that you pay attention to all the online deals and offers that are going on so that you can redeem the best offers for yourself. 

Though I am able to skip the stores on the weekends, not everyone can. For some couponers, the weekend is the only time they can get to the store. Those of you who have tempted to reduce your grocery bill by more than 60 percent, know that shopping with heavy crowds and trying to save money can get nerve-wracking. I have been there and done that. So here are some suggestions I have for those who have to shop on the weekends.

Go overnight, early in the morning or late in the evening. Plan your shopping trip when the store will not be as crowded. The best time to go to stores that are open 24 hours is in the overnight hours, such as after 10 p.m. and before 8 a.m. on the weekends. I have discovered the best time to go to stores that have set operating hours during the day is during the first hour it is open and the last couple of hours it is open.

Have your list ready, organized and with all matching coupons before you go. If you are focused on a set shopping list, you will be less likely to get stressed over how much you have spent and how much you will save. Calculate prices before you go and stick to the list.

Breath in, breath out. When you go shopping during crowded times, just remember to breathe and relax. Do not worry about the aisles being crowded. Just go down each aisle taking your time. Shopping and saving errors happen when you get rushed.

Leave the kids and spouse behind. Go to the store alone so you can relax and take your time. You will also have less of a chance that someone will tuck something in the cart without you seeing it.

Wait until the new ads come out. Unless there is a great deal from the previous week’s ad sit back, enjoy the weekend and wait until the new ad comes out on Sunday. (Unless it is grocery shopping, which most ads run Thursday through Wednesday.) I do this only because sometimes there is an even better deal in the next week’s ad.

Well, hopefully, some of these tips help those couponers who have to shop over the weekend. Best of luck and happy savings!!

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