Facetime For Pc

No, no, Facetime is not yet available for PC. But we really hope it does. It is one of the most popular video calling app. Apple users can Facetime other apple users anytime they want. It is so good, it’s almost like calling, but better, with videos. Other people use different video calling apps, so they can’t always video call everyone, they have to ask first, if the other has the same app, then they video call. Apple users do not have this problem. Facetime is already in built in their devices and they enjoy it whenever they want.

facetime for pc gives video calling a different definition. It makes the experience of a video call so good, no other app can be compared to it. It is simple, so easy to use, has a really good quality, it is free, has no issues at all. It is actually the best video calling app. But, unavailable for non-apple devices.

It is limited, non-apple users cannot use it and it is a shame. Facetime should be available for other cell phones and PCs too. There are so many people out there who does not use apple mobile phones or PCs. According to a research, there are more windows and android users than apple. If Facetime is available for others too, it will make everyone happy. Customers would be happy as they will get to use the app without buying the expensive apple devices. Facetime app makers would be happy as their customers will increase. It is a win-win situation for all the parties.

Apple may have some problems about making Facetime available for others as their sales may get effected. But they should not worry about it. People who likes apple, will buy apple no matter what and people who thinks apple is very expensive, they will never buy it. They are not a fan of apple and they have made their mind that they are fully satisfied with android and windows. So apple should not worry, they will not lose their customers, but they will get new customers for Facetime, if they make it available for others.


I think even I would be very happy if it happens. A few of my relatives and friends are apple users and they Facetime each other whenever they want, I feel bad because I am a non-apple user and I cannot do the same. I am not a very big fan of apple so obviously I’ll never buy apple just to use a video calling app. I think many people out there must think the same thing. I think it would be profitable for everyone if it is available for others too.

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