Fun Facts About Water Balloons

A water balloon or a water bomb (as it usually is referred to as) is a rubber balloon made up of latex. It is then filled up with water and then used up by children and even adults to have some water fun during some festivities, water balloon fights or any other occasion. The origin of water balloons goes back to the 19th century. It was invented by Michael faraday i 1824. However, for commercial purposes it was first invented by Edgar Ellington in 1950. fun-water-day-2

A common story related to the invention of balloons is that that it was initially a sock of latex coating over a normal cotton sock while trying to invent a water proof sock. During the test to check the reliability of the material, Edgar Ellington found out that it would be a great source of enjoyment and recreation for people. Hence, the water balloons were invented in this way. Initially, it was called a grenade to help soldiers, but later came to be known as balloons. Now the popularity of water balloons does not need to be described in words. It is one of the favourite and a preferred source of having fun for children as well as adults. Water balloons are at the peak of popularity during the summers to beat the scorching heat of the sun through water balloon wars. Adding to the fun facts related to water balloons, the Guinness Book of World Records has even maintained the records about the largest water balloon fight.water_12_025

Water balloons are also an important part of some festivals in some countries. For instance, in North India, water balloons are an integral part of the festival of Holi. In other countries as well, water balloons are an important part of the carnivals and other occasions. Another utility of water balloons is that they could also be used for decorative purposes at parties and various other events an interesting fact about water balloons is that they are deliberately made smaller than the other gas balloons so that throwing them away is easier. Also, there are various types of water balloons available in the market to add more to the fun element associated with them. A type of water balloon is yoyo balloon which is also known as a yoyo tsuri balloon. These types of water balloons are very popular in Japan during the festival of matsuri. These balloons generally have an elastic string which is attached to a finger loop tied at the end. The Wii video game Ennichi no Tatsujin includes a virtual yoyo tsuri game.

No doubt that water balloons face a lot of criticism today, the argument being given about the wastage of water, but no one could deny the happiness and joy that one gets indulging in games and activities related to water balloons like children. Edgar Ellington has unknowingly gifted us a wonderful source of recreation while trying to save people from the horrendous disease if trench foot.

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