How Important A Quiet Helmet Is!

Did you know that wind noises can reach up to 110 dB when riding at high speeds or on highways. A helmet with no noise reduction design can cause permanent hearing loss. This damage to hearing is permanent and cannot be reversed. Many motorcycle riders suffer from hearing loss due to the wind noise. That’s where quiet motorcycle helmets come to your rescue. These helmets not only reduces the noise but also make your ride an enjoyable one. Riding a motorcycle on highway without a quiet helmet is a very bad experience too.


Many helmet manufacturer never consider the noise aspect of the helmet and only the safety of the person. Purchasing an helmet which has noise reducing design is very important. The noise reduction mainly depends on the aerodynamics of the helmet. The ease with which a helmet can cut through the wind is the thing that helps in reducing the noise as that means less air getting into the helmet.

The two companies that are famous for manufacturing quiet motorcycle helmet are Schuberth and Shoei. Schuberth specializes in making quiet helmets and is one of the best manufacturers for these kind of helmets. They are the only ones who have a wind tunnel in their helmets. Shoei is another great company that focuses on quiet helmets. They use wind tunnel testing on the shell of their helmets for creating real conditions for the helmet. There are many things that cause noise to be created. Big external vents, any gap in the visor seal, area for air to pass in between your neck and helmet, the engine noise and the wind flowing into the helmet through any gaps. We are going to recommend some quiet motorcycle helmet.


  • Shoei RF 1200

Shoei is the company behind the RF 1200 helmets. They are famous for making high quality helmets and are a Japanese company. This helmet is known for its advanced aerodynamics. This helmet is also very comfortable for the rider and allows him to move his neck easily. Overall this helmet is the best for a enjoyable motorcycle ride without having to worry about The wind noise.

  • Schuberth C3 Pro

This is a 3.6 lbs weighing quiet helmet by Schuberth who specializes in making noise reducing helmets. They are a German company and have been manufacturing helmets for few decades now.

  • Arai Signet Q


All the helmets of Arai are hand built and the Signet Q is designed in such a way that the wind passes from the top of the helmet resulting in less air getting into the helmet. This reduced pressure helps in keeping the noise levels low. We highly recommend this helmet if you are looking for a quality helmet.

  • Shoei Qwest

This is another great helmet by Shoei. The Qwest weighs 7 pounds. The eye port on this helmet is wide which makes the surrounding clear and extra area visible. This can help with easily checking the traffic behind, which isn’t as easy in other helmets.

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