How To Gain Authority Through Quality Links

How do you make your site an authority site in the eyes of Google? Is it possible to be an authority if you’re not an educational or government site?

Is it possible to get a huge page rank not based on links, but on how much trust Google gives you for each page you publish?

Short answer is yes, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes a site can gain authority from getting relevant links made to it from other authority sites, and by linking out to authority sites as well.

The hilltop algorithm has a bunch of different things in it which are not easy to explain, but I can make this page an expert page, even though it’s not a really big authority site and is only a few months old, by linking out to high authority relevant pages on sites that have huge authority as sources.

Nobody understands algorithm better than YouTube, which is why experts always advise to Buy Youtube Views Guide and get to know about how it functions but only after achieving a decent subscriber base so that the viewers would be in on the know about what all to expect about source authority.

That last one is a PR 6, which is pretty good for a sub page of an SEO site. They must have built a ton of links to that page, but the most important thing is that they were still ranking first on the first page for the random search I did which was something like quality authority link building.

So Why Am I Making This Page?

I don’t find it useful to try to hide the fact that I’m writing this blog post in order to make a link to my site, or a site that links to my site in order to get good SEO.

One of the links in the last section above was to a Knoji article, which then links to a guest post I did on Site Pro News about Facebook marketing techniques, and that then links to my site Professional Social Promotion, which then links to a Facebook page which is starting to climb up in the search results for ” social media marketing services “.

It’s a long way from here to there, in fact it’s a three or even four level link pyramid that I’m making to the final destination, and Facebook is only the final destination in a sense, because the links from there are no follow, although they still do give SEO benefit to the pages i share on that Facebook page.

Anyway, I’ve realized that one of the biggest mistakes I was making was that I was spending a lot of time linking out to my own sites, and not linking out to the authority sites I needed to that would pass authority on any link placed on the same page.

It really gives your site authority to be added to a page that has a list of quality, relevant, authority sites as sources. That’s what I’m trying to do here, make quality links , and hope that my lowly guest post and articles and this blog that I’m writing on will pick up some of that authority.

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