Japan’s Comic Book: Manga

Books vary from different places around the world, whether it is the format of the book or topic focused, you’ll definitely notice a lot of differences when reading books from another culture or country! You are witnessing other types of culture when reading, and you not only learn a lot, but you see a whole different perspective as well. Same goes for comic books! Comic books are able to enhance your creativity and imagination, just like books. Plus, they are very entertaining and can be given to children to start their own journey of reading.

What is Manga?

You’ll be surprised to know that even comic books vary from culture to culture! In Japan, a comic book is known as manga. It can come in either black and white or full color, and what makes it unique is the fact that you are required to read it backwards! Yes, you’ll be reading it from right to left rather than the usual. It’s a bit confusing at first, but the manga will help guide your way through it.


Its characters and the way of drawing is different as well. Characters are usually based from Japan’s culture or what the Japanese people want, which are anime characters in cute or shall we say, kawaii clothes. You’ll often find genres such as sci-fi or fantasy, mixed in with comedy and romance as well. It’s entertaining not just for the Japanese, but for people around the world!

Growing Popularity of Manga

Manga is not only found in Japan, but it is quickly becoming known in other countries as well. And it isn’t only around Asia either! Western countries have mangas published and turned into anime series for people to be entertained with, and there is also a lot of merchandise being sold related to mangas and the characters as well. You’ll even find conventions and cosplay held around the world where people of all ages dress up as their favorite character and meet other fellow fans of the manga as well! It’s definitely a growing culture worldwide, which is why you should pick up a manga at least once in your life to see the hype.

Where to Purchase Manga

Like mentioned, it’s a trend worldwide, which is why you won’t have a difficult time looking for it. You’ll be able to find mangas in your local library or bookstore, or if not, you’ll also be able to find it online! You can purchase the manga online, or you can even read it through various websites that publish these mangas. Whatever genre or title you want, simple search it online and you’ll be able to find it. Plus, it’s completely free!


In Conclusion

Mangas are a quickly growing trend that everyone seems to be hooked on. Why not give it a read and see what it’s all about? You never know, you might end up being an avid fan of a series! Pick up a manga and open your eyes to the different and cool culture through literature.

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