Lean Minced Beef and Discounts

When you visit LiveLean’s website, you might think that all these healthy and quality meat products are only offered and suitable for the buff/lean crowd. Of course that’s not the case at all; anyone and everyone can indulge themselves with every product offered by LiveLean. Customers love the amazing quality of the meat, affordable prices and conventional process from the moment they order to the moment they receive the products at their doorstep. If you have already read various reviews of LiveLean online then you can get £5 off with TheOwlHournal’s code; well that’s assuming that you’ve already stumbled on The Owl Journal’s review for LiveLean.  weak-vs-strong

Like we said, LiveLean was not founded to exclusively provide meat to buff or lean people and even bodybuilders. Anyone who loves high quality British meat can take their pick, so that would include just about anyone. Unless of course you’re a vegan, vegetarian or generally would prefer vegetable and fish then you might want to try another website. So back to the meat, out of all the products offered by LiveLean, we’ll feature their high quality lean minced beef.131-piece-big-shop-box-with-logo-476x365_1

Lean Minced Beef of LiveLean

First off, some of the main features of LiveLean’s Minced Beef is that its gluten free, extremely high in protein, has high omega 3, is paleo friendly, the cows were grass fed and free range. You already know that quality meat itself provides tons of health benefits but below are some health benefits that you can only most likely get with LiveLean’s Lean Minced Beef:2-new-rules-of-live-lean-eating-thumbnail-1

  • 8 essential amino acids and protein which help build, maintain and repair muscles.
  • Rich in vitamin acids that are essential for nerve or neurological functions and prevents build up of homocysytine which might cause heart disease.
  • Incredible source of B3 that improves a person’s cholesterol level which also lowers any cardiovascular risk.
  • Contains high amounts of iron that can aid in the production of red blood cells; these carry the oxygen all around your body.
  • High amounts of iron that’s good for the nervous system and retinal function.
  • Since the beef products are produced from grass fed cattle, they are proven to contain even higher amounts of polyunsaturated fat. This helps reduce overall risk of cardio vascular disease as well as improve retinal functions.

The Own Journal’s Discount Codes

When you visit The Owl Journal’s review of LiveLean and get £5 off with TheOwlJournal’s code, you’ll notice that they were more than satisfied with the products they received from LiveLean to the service that they experienced. They were transformed from a person that had no idea what LiveLean was to someone that regularly bough their products and have tried various meats offered on the website. So much so that The Owl Journal has featured a handful of discounts on their page like:

  1. Use the exclusive ‘OWLFIE’ discount code in order to get £5 off your entire order; yes, that included the lean minced beef.
  2. ‘TRY US’ code that can take off a huge chunk of the ’39-piece lean meat hamper.’
  3. ‘SAVE 15’ to get a huge discount on ‘The Great British Meat Feast.’

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