Marijuana, And The Controversies

Marijuana has always been a fairly controversial product. Like most other addiction-causing substances, people tend to exploit its uses and use it as another method of substance abuse. If seen from a clinical point of view, marijuana is actually healthy. It affects the brain cells, and when taken in measured quantities enhances our memory and makes our brain more active. Thus, when you smoke a perfectly rolled joint, you are more likely to be able to solve those math problems which would have seemed impossible to you otherwise. Such is the power of marijuana. People seem to use it nowadays for stress relief more than anything, but not everyone cares to stay within the limit, thus making it a cause of substance abuse.


In the USA, usage of marijuana is huge; all the more reason for the drug dealers to make merry and go on about the streets, selling it to right about anyone who asks for it. These dealers only care about their profits, so they don’t have to think about the well-being of their customers. As a result, the USA prisons are full of drug offenders. So much so, that the treasury recently reported that they are broke from maintaining so many offenders on their expenditure list. As a result, the law got a revision in several states like New Jersey, New Hampshire, Nevada, Montana, Minnesota, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon, Denver, Rhode Island etc. If you had been wondering as to which states have legalized marijuana, you got your answer. In these states, one can carry marijuana on their person up to two ounces and can have as many as six plants at their home.


Seems fair? Well, there are 20 such states in total in all of the USA which have gone right ahead and made marijuana legal under permissible limits. The usage of weed has always been glorified by several pop stars and rock artists who have been addicts themselves. Soon, their fans started following them for the fun of it, and got addicted to the kick. Truth be told, marijuana is less harmful than smoking a tobacco. It doesn’t affect your lungs like tobacco does. In measured amounts, it is actually healthy. But the fact is, nobody cares about health when the kicks start to set in. Then it becomes all about getting lost amidst the fun of it all.


Marijuana has several medicinal applications. In measured doses, it is used as an effective remedy for reducing the pain of cancer patients. Of course, marijuana for medical purposes is absolutely legal. The recreational part has recently been legalized, that too in short amounts. As long as one stays within the limits, there’s no harm done, neither to you nor to the system. The heavy cost of incarceration drove the government to decriminalise this, but nonetheless, it is still a headache to them since there’s no stopping the cross-border smuggling which is highly active. As the usage of the drug increases, the smugglers are bringing in huge amounts and that is taking away the sleep of the authorities.

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