Marvels in Tallinn

Tallinn has an edge of beauty like no other city in the world. Its history has been kept alive to roam its streets instead of being shoved in books behind dusty shelves in public libraries. These four destinations in Tallinn possess the most charm. statue-of-kissing-students-in-tartu-by-tiit-motus-estonian-tourism-board_848-main

  • Tallinn Old Town. In the middle ages, Tallinn’s Old Town was used for trade exchanges. It lies on the shore of Baltic sea and contains streets that would make you feel like you’re living in the middle ages. They
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. This display of fine architecture graces the Toompea Hills. The Russian Revival style used to build it once reminded the people of Estonia about the turmoil they went through when they were ruled by the Russian empire. Today, tourists pour here just to stare at it.karu-alutaguse-24-5-2011
  • Estonian Open Air Museum. This museum showcases traditional human settlements that were built with straw roofs.
  • Raekoja Plats. The name means Town Hall.Practically every cultural celebration takes place here. During your tallinna matkat, catch several cultural ceremoniesfrom the Middle Ages, celebrated like time hasn’t moved. There’s even a market wheredifferent mementos can be bought.
  • Tallinn TV Tower.This is the loftiest structure you will find in Tallinn. It spins over 1000 feet in height and has had a good number of daring people walking on the edges of its viewing deck.
  • KadriorgArt Museum. Its history dates back to the reign of Tsar Peter the Great of Russia who built a Baroque palace. Today it is filled with treasured foreign art and has an educational centre dedicated to art.
  • The large castle full of historical architecture is the main attraction in Toompea.


  • Tallinn is an unforgettable place for those who love history culture and architecture inspired by the middle ages.

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