Music Hits

#1. Rihanna-Work

The song was released in February 2016 by one of the music Divas, Rihanna. It has the best video that has earned over 200 million views on YouTube. The song is voted as the best song in most of the sites including Twitter and Facebook. that is the link to watch the video.

#2. Lukas Graham- 7 years.

Lukas Graham is one of the celebrated musicians. He has now released his song, seven years which has over one million views on YouTube. The song is like a reward to his fans because of how nice it is. Many people has given it perfect reviews making it have numerous subscribers who want to get more music from Graham. The link to watching this song on YouTube is log into it or just click and you will have a view of the excellent video. That is why it is the best video.

#3. Meghan Trainor – NO

This is a very nice song that was done by a team of talented ladies. The singing, the dancing and the beats provides nothing but excellent feeling when listening to the song. Everything was made perfectly, unique graphics and perfect dancing moves and actions to make your eyes glued to the video. It is indeed the best video when it comes to fun. The video was taken or perfumed in unique places that are not common making it to be unique. It has over eighty million views as we speak.


Released early this year, its video has over three hundred million views on YouTube. This makes it the best video among the 2016 released songs that many people have been searching for on YouTube. People can subscribe or watch it through the link below,