One Dollar Breakfast Launched By Taco Bell

Based on the sundry new research, 84% of American consumers prefer to spend $1 for their morning meal as compared to the 16% who are ready to splurge on breakfast.  Taco bell, the Mexican food chain, launches $1 morning value menu for America’s insatiable love for low fare breakfasts. Cogitating the choice and love of Americans, Taco Bell is the only national restaurant to introduce $1 value menu with ten finger licking crave able items.  The brand is also providing bacon in their value packs thus giving the Americans a reason to get out of bed. The dollar craving menu includes a skillet of seasoned potatoes, scrambled eggs and cheese, soft taco having scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese and a choice of bacon or sausage over scrambled eggs.

Fast food franchises bank on breakfasts as the most important meal of the day. The chief marketing officer for Taco Bell, Marisa Thalberg says that their breakfast menu is strictly based on the research to understand the customers at the same time it considers the painful obvious. American citizens prefer more availability of choices in their breakfast menus along with having bacon and not spending more than a one dollar for such items. With dollar menus getting obsolete these days on the streets of America, the Taco Bell Dollar Menu has resurfaced dollar cravings with their unique and delicious ten items a la carte. The four brand new items Taco offers, comes with a twist. The first is a MINI SKILLET BOWL that comes with seasoned potatoes; fluffy scrambled eggs topped with molten cheese and freshly made Pico De Gallo. The second is a SOFT TACO consisting of soft flour tortilla filled with real cheddar cheese having fluffy scrambled eggs and a choice of bacon or sausage. The SAUSAGE FLATBREAD QUESADILLA is a spongy flat bread seasoned with three cheese blends, sausage and fluffy scrambled eggs grilled to seal the flavor. The BEEFY FRITOS BURRITO has a wheat flour tortilla rolled and enclosed with crunchy Fritos, a dollop of nacho cheese sauce and a choice of seasoned beef, chicken, steak, shredded chicken and beans. Other than these are the cheesy bean and rice burrito, cheesy roll up, mini quesadilla with shredded chicken, cinnamon twists and delights, nachos and caramel apple empanadas.


The chain owned by Yum! Brands has got a new catchphrase for its all new one dollar menu ‘Live Mas’ that comes on the heels of its success. However, the Taco Bell breakfast menu represents just 6% of total sales compared to McDonalds whose all day breakfast menu represents 25% of total sales. This breakfast menu was announced just after the rumors circulated that McDonalds was contemplating on expanding its menu. Though Marisa Thalberg would not confess, this menu is marketed to capitalize budget diners and to squelch the success of McDonalds. Recent reports claim that people visit fast food chains more than expensive lunch rooms confirming ‘Cheap is the new cool’ thus  drawing fine dining chefs into the fast-casual food chains. The bottom line is Taco bell has joined in the war of cheap dining with its awesome one dollar value menu.

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