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Botas is one of the top brands of sports shoes in the world, they have come a long way from hen they started in 1949. Botas is not only one of the best brands in the world of sports, but they are also considers them as the top brand name and product by their country. Botas skates and shoes are available all over the world. Not only that but they have co-manufactured and operated with other famous manufacturers like Addidas, Solomon, Puma and Koho. Out of all their awards, they consider their win in Czech Grand Design Manufacturer of 2009 as their best one. pdsp1-6523897v750

Don’t doubt the brand in case this is the first time you have heard of it, Botas shoes have been around for over 60 years. Thanks to all those years of experience and expertise, you can be assured that each and every product comes with amazing quality. Another great thing about this brand is that it offers outstanding quality at such an affordable price unlike other brands who claim the same but could only provide dissatisfaction.pdsp1-6523911v750

Botas Skates

Regarding their figure skating product like, Botas offers skates, shoes, blades and laces that you can choose from. Each product that’s featured on their website comes with a description, technical description, category, price, colors and more.

Let’s take one of their newest designs as an example, it’s called the CEZAR XL which is available in size 43 to 46. This skate shoe was specifically designed for beginner competitors and even active figure skaters. The upper portion is made of durable layered leather alongside a water-resistant finish and the surface. Also, the relast lining made of laminated textile provides additional comfort for the user. Features includes soft and flexible collar placed all around the calves, an anatomical tongue and ankle padding. The LLTT technology incorporated on this design enhances the support and precise control. The dark PVC outsole which features the Botas logo right on the heel was made of resistant and rigid plastic.

The recommended care for these types of shoes would be to gently wash and clean it after every use. Avoid detergents, just clean it with water but remove the insole and let it dry at room temperature. By doing this kind of care, you increase the life span of your skating shoes. Take note to keep the shoes away from intense heat sources, the heat can seriously damage the design or structure of the skating shoes. In case you have any questions or inquiries regarding the CEZAR XL or any product at all, then you can ask your questions through the options found the page of the exact product you were looking at. All you need to do is provide your name, email and the question itself.

When you do decide to purchase any product on their site then you are agreeing with their terms and conditions. In case you want to know more about what you’re going to agree to then check out their ‘terms and condition’ page.

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