Is Carrageenan Bad?


At the break of dawn, the birds chirp and the morning ushers in new beginnings. The newspapers get delivered, bringing with them a tide of emotions ranging from happiness to shock on the reader’s face. Controversy has become the new selling point for the media and sometimes, unfounded facts are conveniently highlighted as headlines to sell more copies of their papers and magazines. After all, who would read the same boring news again and again? This mindset has given birth to a new style of irresponsible journalism and it is highly misleading. Not just newspapers and magazines, but the internet too is a medium for such articles, as everyone has the right to express themselves and most adopt the free platform of the World Wide Web. And sadly, the latest victim to this trend is the food additive carrageenan!

Carrageenan is a natural seaweed product which is widely used to obtain stability in food items due to its excellent emulsifying properties. It is also used to improve the textures of many dishes and its use is not limited to just food items. Also used in cosmetics and toothpaste, it is an ingredient which simplifies many problems like keeping items fresh and to add to the list of positives, it is vegan too! So why have people taken to condemning this product?


Dr. Joanne Tobacman, a biologist from the University of Illinois, after years of research on carrageenan, has always maintained the stance that this product should be abolished due to the ill effects it has on the human body. However, on looking into the basis for her conclusions, we find that her studies were rather flawed and biased. She used a derivative of carrageenan called poligeenan (which has no relation to carrageenan), to conduct her studies.

After her initial theory was dismissed by the health regulatory bodies in the country, she went on to conduct tests on animals. But the catch here is that she used abnormally large dosages or fed them in water, neither of which is the consumption technique used by humans. There have been a number of keen nutritionists who have come forward to refute her claims, but unfortunately, the media loves to present negative news to garner publicity, and before you know it, a fear has been instilled in the public about an ingredient, which in actuality, is completely harmless.


The proof that seals the case is the fact that the Food and Drug Administration refused to entertain the claims of Dr. Tobacman and her repeated attempts at reopening the case have proven to be unsuccessful. Her theory has become a topic of interest among bloggers but there is nothing more to it than just fodder for gossip. So, is carrageenan bad? Absolutely not! It is extremely important for the public to receive correct news about ingredients they have trusted for decades and incorrect information can shatter the very pillars of faith that our society stands on. Thus, it is imperative for the media to promote news which have a concrete scientific backing, instead of any piece of news that breeds controversy. And this will eventually give rise to a well-informed, intelligent public which trusts only one source: science!

Acknowledge Yourself With The Importance Of Dermal Filler Courses!

In the present scenario, students are opting for more creative careers rather than just the basic ones such as medicine, engineering, teaching, marketing and a lot more to add to the list. Medicine is indeed one of the most sort-after options for a fruitful career and no doubt it is. But here in this piece of brief annotation, we would like to draw your attention towards a fruitful career in medical aesthetics and that is none than the dermal filler courses for nurses.

The dermal filler course for nurses not only aims to boost the professional lives but also works for their personal development. In order to make a start up in any professional career, it becomes very essential to attain a professional degree in the same, and box and dermal filler training course provisions the practical skills and the requisite knowledge so as to succeed in this field.

Advantages of Botox and dermal filler training courses

  • Less regulation as compared to the National Health Service
  • Flexible working hours which means no time constraints
  • Earning potential is more and on a rise as compared to the National Health Service.
  • Increment in the contact time of the patient.
  • The demand and scope treatment in medical aesthetics in amplifying day by day as the individuals especially the youth are moving towards botox and dermal filler treatments from all over the world.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are making its prominence felt in the modern science of medicine and since they are accomplished in a specific period of time without any noticeable pain, many youngsters are paving their way towards the same. They are simply great means to slow down the ageing process and look younger with the rejuvenation of the skin. Reversal of the age process may also be an imperative factor and also rejuvenation of the old body cells that are on the verge to be worn out.


Nurses when opt for such modern technology driven courses then they get an opportunity to enhance their practical skills and attain a professional edge from others. Dermal fillers can be brought into usage for the removal of wrinkles, laughter lines, crowns feet and dimples. Apart from all these, in dermal filler courses, plumping of lips and thickening of the same is also emphasized, nose and cheeks are other areas of the face that are stressed upon. Nurses should strive to move forward and learn the new modernized courses so to carve a niche for themselves in the professional world.

How To Prepare For A Funeral


It’s unfortunate when you will have to prepare for a funeral. But it’s inevitable and is needed, especially if you would like everything to be prepared. It helps your family grieve without the shock of having to plan everything, and that way, everything is done for. Similar to planning for a party. preparing funeral plans will help everything be organized without fail. But it can also be a difficult task for you or your loved ones planning with you, emotionally and physically. There are many things to consider in order to prepare for a funeral, and here are some of the tips you can follow in order to make it easier for you:


  1. Consider the physical aspects of your funeral. Just like planning a party, there is the location where you or your loved one would like to be buried, as well as the time, may it be morning or late afternoon. You will be able to plan this all with the right funeral home, who can take care of all these things and have you do minimal planning to avoid the pain.
  2. How would you or your loved one like to go? There are a few options, such as cremation or a traditional burial. Depending on how you want it, it may cost a bit. There is the casket or the urn to invest in, as well as the burial or cremation services.
  3. Prepare your obituary. That way, you will be able to add the names you would like to mention, as well as the Bible verses and messages. Personally message the people you would like to handle the funeral proper, for those you would like to speak during the event.
  4. Consider the funeral home you will be working with. They may have different funeral services in various prices, so there’s no harm in asking for quotations and the types of things they will be able to offer when you go. You may ask for suggestions from people, or a quick search online.
  5. Keep a copy of all your funeral plans for your loved ones to see. That way, they will be able to have everything ready without the emotional burden being a hinder. While it still is an unfortunate thing to endure, it may help lessen the pain.
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  6. Prepare your will and testament, with the proper witnesses and a legal person signing it for you.
  7. It may be almost impossible to prepare for the death of you or a loved one, but it may be time to start talking with all the loved ones you would like to attend your funeral. That way, they will be a bit emotionally ready to overcome the pain.

In Conclusion

Preparing for a funeral is not easy, but it’s doable. With the right funeral home, you will be able to have the funeral you expect, and in quality as well. Be sure to choose a reputable funeral home that will be able to offer quality funeral services at a fair price.

Japan’s Comic Book: Manga


Books vary from different places around the world, whether it is the format of the book or topic focused, you’ll definitely notice a lot of differences when reading books from another culture or country! You are witnessing other types of culture when reading, and you not only learn a lot, but you see a whole different perspective as well. Same goes for comic books! Comic books are able to enhance your creativity and imagination, just like books. Plus, they are very entertaining and can be given to children to start their own journey of reading.

What is Manga?

You’ll be surprised to know that even comic books vary from culture to culture! In Japan, a comic book is known as manga. It can come in either black and white or full color, and what makes it unique is the fact that you are required to read it backwards! Yes, you’ll be reading it from right to left rather than the usual. It’s a bit confusing at first, but the manga will help guide your way through it.


Its characters and the way of drawing is different as well. Characters are usually based from Japan’s culture or what the Japanese people want, which are anime characters in cute or shall we say, kawaii clothes. You’ll often find genres such as sci-fi or fantasy, mixed in with comedy and romance as well. It’s entertaining not just for the Japanese, but for people around the world!

Growing Popularity of Manga

Manga is not only found in Japan, but it is quickly becoming known in other countries as well. And it isn’t only around Asia either! Western countries have mangas published and turned into anime series for people to be entertained with, and there is also a lot of merchandise being sold related to mangas and the characters as well. You’ll even find conventions and cosplay held around the world where people of all ages dress up as their favorite character and meet other fellow fans of the manga as well! It’s definitely a growing culture worldwide, which is why you should pick up a manga at least once in your life to see the hype.

Where to Purchase Manga

Like mentioned, it’s a trend worldwide, which is why you won’t have a difficult time looking for it. You’ll be able to find mangas in your local library or bookstore, or if not, you’ll also be able to find it online! You can purchase the manga online, or you can even read it through various websites that publish these mangas. Whatever genre or title you want, simple search it online and you’ll be able to find it. Plus, it’s completely free!


In Conclusion

Mangas are a quickly growing trend that everyone seems to be hooked on. Why not give it a read and see what it’s all about? You never know, you might end up being an avid fan of a series! Pick up a manga and open your eyes to the different and cool culture through literature.

Are Hcg Homeopathic Products Reliable?


Over –weight or obesity is one of such problem which is faced by almost every family these days. So is there any way to tackle it. Definitely, the answer is yes as nothing is impossible in this era with the development of modern science.

About HCG weight-loss products

HCG which stands for human chorionic gonadotrophin is a hormone which is usually generated in the body during the time of pregnancy. This particular item resets your metabolism which makes you to lose weight without the feeling of hunger and weakness.


How it works?

The HCG weight loss product will limit your diet to 500 calories per day for around 8 weeks. By consuming this item you will not feel much hungry and thus your diet will be restricted. You take this item in the form of a shot or in the form of homeopathic product such as pellets, sprays or oral drops which is easily available in the stores.

Reviews on HCG

It is beyond doubt that any of the super low calorie diet will ultimately result in weight loss. This is the case with HCG products. On the net when you look for hcg drops reviews for weight loss you will find a mixed review on it. There are people who are satisfied with the item and at the same time few are even disappointed.


Is there any scientific evidence of the effectiveness the item?

There is no such scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of this product and also this homeopathic item is not 100% legal. Thus be careful if you are considering using it.

Final words

There is no doubt that this item will give a low calorie diet which will be ultimate cause of weight loss. But before using it, you shall take advice of a expert.

Clash Royale Hacks: The Home Of All Things!


Want to play one of the most trending and the most exciting game? Yes, you are at the right place! In Clash Royale, you need to collect cards and fight players in real time. Defend you own royal castle and while doing that, destroy your opponents and their castles. Clash Royale is a strategy and role playing game for which the players need to be skillful and find strategies to win. The game includes a bunch of kings, princesses and little dragons. Now let us show you around some cool Clash Royale Hack and Tricks that might be of great help to you while playing this super enthusiastic game.

Be alert and Defensive:

  • Wait for opponent’s moves:

Observe the cards of the enemy. Know the strengths of all individual cards.

  • Use your resources effectively:

Use your resources carefully, do not use them blindly. Use the elixirs, gold coins and gems only when required to survive the game till the end.


  • Do not use Elixirs as fireballs:

Do not waste elixirs, look around for alternatives to explode.

  • Watch TV Royale regularly:

To be the best, watch the best. Watch the battles of high ranking players, observe their moves and strategies. Pick up the good ones!

  • Use the Elixirs wisely:

Keep a close watch on the Elixir meter. Play only the cards whose levels have reached the maximum limit. Use the smaller ones in the beginning to flood the battlefield and big ones to fight huge enemy troops.

  • Watch the powers of Troop cards:

Goblins are effective to throw away at a battlefield and cheap too. Baby Dragons can swipe away troops and it can even blow away more than one troop at a time. Talking about HP, Barbarians can blow away enemy troops really quickly. Golems are the strongest, throw them only near the ending moments of the match and it would turn winning for you!


  • Wait for the new chests to open:

Do not spend gems to open up new chests immediately. Be patient, silver chests take 3 hours to open, golden needs 8, Magic chests require 12 hours and Super Magic needs 24 whereas Crown chests open up instantly.

Moreover if you wish to play it big, do not ever use arrows or fireballs at a king’s tower. It just wastes away 3-4 of your precious elixirs. Do not activate the King’s Tower early, take it slow, it is much better to dispose of minions and all goblin types. Never use a spell on a king, it would be much better to utilize them on defense. You might just not need to spend away your money if you know these Clash Royale Hacks and play them well.

Playing Clash Royale might make it frustrating for the players to carry on the game. Winning trophies might take a lot of time but with these Clash Royale Hacks and cheats mentioned above it can become really easy for you to accomplish your goals and defeat your opponent with great ease. Just have some patience and you are good to go.

Where To Find Gymnastics Bars For Sale


Have you ever seen any gymnastics show? It’s beautiful watching these professional gymnasts perform, and it inspires many to try doing the same as well! Of course, it will take a lot of hard work and determination to reach their level, or to at least see improvements, but it’s definitely worth it! It’s awesome to show off your flexibility skills and doing cartwheels or high jumps!

Girls and boys as young as 3 years old are sent of to gymnastic classes in order to pursue their young dreams of becoming a gymnast someday. You will even see adults taking up classes as well in order to hone their flexibility and physique! Being a professional sport, it has grown a lot of popularity the past few decades, and for sure it is a sport that won’t fade away anytime soon.

Benefits of Gymnastics

There are a bunch of advantages when it comes to doing gymnastics as a sport, whether it’s physical or mental. Some of these benefits include:

U.S. Gymnastics Championships

  1. You are able to hone your flexibility and balancing skills after a few sessions.
  2. You will start to put on muscle, as gymnastics requires strength. You will look and feel your best!
  3. You will learn to concentrate and focus better as you start trying to put all your balance and weight onto the balance beam.
  4. You can show off your skills to loved ones as you are able to do a bunch of stunts such as cartwheels and high jumps!
  5. You will practice having a better posture and form as you do normal activities such as sitting or walking.

These are just some of the benefits gymnastics will be able to do for you!

Gymnastics Bars For Sale

If you are just beginning gymnastics, then there are a number of things you will need to consider, with equipment being one of them. Gymnastics bars are one of the most popular forms of equipment every gymnast will encounter, whether you are a beginner or advanced. If you want to own a set of this equipment, then you will be able to find gymnastics bars for sale in your local sports store, or you can even take a quick search online where you can find dozens of reputable online stores that sell gymnastic bars. What’s awesome about purchasing online is that they are able to deliver your equipment right in the comforts of your own home. Just make sure that they are of quality and in good condition so as to lessen the risk of there being an accident or injury.


In Conclusion

Gymnastics is one of the best sports to play, and it gets better if you own the right equipment! Whether you are a beginner or advanced gymnast, having a good set of gymnastic bars at home is needed to further practice your skills. So make sure that you purchase a good set of gymnastic bars for sale, and you will be able to begin your journey to becoming a good gymnast today.

Escape Room – Dive Into Reality


It has always been a fantasy of almost every gamer to be in a real game environment. A gaming environment where you are physically involved in the game. Just imagine, you are locked in a room and there is no direct way to escape. The only way you can is to look for clues that will lead you to solving the mystery and hence escape the room. The very realisation of this fantasy is the Escape Room.


Historically, escape rooms have had varied settings and games since the inception. In the beginning, escape rooms were more like a tourist attraction due to the exclusivity of the entertainment it offered. But later on, it became more like a frequent exercise. While the earliest escape room in Silicon Valley had a single game, escape room Singapore had over 50 games in 2015.

The clues provided in the escape room are in the form of puzzles. So naturally, players need to awaken the detective within them and solve these puzzles in order to move on. And surely a puzzle solving exercise needs a time limit. So players need to solve all the puzzles required to exit the room in a set time, otherwise they lose by default. The games are meant to be played by any number of players simultaneously within the same escape room. So the players can compete against each other or also work in teams.


So escape rooms do help in team building exercises. The games are set in varying settings. The settings involve different fictional locations like dungeons, prison cells, space stations, haunted villas and ravaged cities. So there is a lot of choice so as to select the kind of puzzles you want too. Overall the experience is entertaining and a refreshing change from the virtual world, especially for heavy gamers.

Advantages Of Grabbing The Promo Code For Heavy Discounts


The online shopping and e-commerce is the best marketplace for shopping nowadays. Now you can also benefit yourself with heavy discounts through promo codes. It can be in the form of numbers of letters which the customer has to enter down in promotional box of any website. The promotional code appears in the checkout page; on entering one can instantly see a visible discount in their prices. This discount code varies from site to site and offers to offers. It can be available for all reputed customers in the form of discount on every purchase, the percentage off discount, shipping free or any other attractive discount.


The different online merchants are making use of the coupons in the best form of incentives to every shopper. You can obtain these coupons from the available sites of coupons or from the sites even from where you are shopping. Some of them only make these types of offers available at the affiliated sites from where one can easily grab the discounting codes easily. The application of such codes is helpful for saving lots of money. They are much easier to apply. You can save as much as you want during the discounted deals. The different sites are making use of such offers to attract more customers towards their product and sites.

This discount code also instigates more customers to buy, to add on the shopping cart and also to save more directly. These codes flash on the sites from where you can copy and can paste it on the check out page for instant discounts. Fortunately, these codes are easily available all over the internet.


Some of the sites solely work for offering the updated coupon codes and also the best links for more discounts. You can choose the sites of coupons which are categorized by the brands and retailers. They can also tell you about the success rating for the coupons code.

The coupon code as of promotional codes huntings is much easier. It’s not counted as the complicated process at all. The different coupons sites are available with the active codes which can be applied on every purchase. These codes can help you earn more discount without much hassle and can be used at all categories of site as grocery, health and nutrition, beauty, electronics and others. Make sure you choose the most reputed site for such offers.

League Of Legends


League of legends is an multiplayer online battle video game designed for windows and other OS also, which is quite popular these days in online community and is gaining on players day by day. Let’s walk you through the game, League of Legends is one of the fast-moving, competitive online games that we have thee days in online gaming world that has the speed and captivity of an RTS mixed with the RPG elements. There are Two teams each lead by mighty champions, each having a different design and playing style, battling head-to-head through diverse battlefields and gaming modes. League of Legends offers vast re-play ability reasons for all players of each and every skill level.

Battling Head-to-Head :

Combination of strategic thinking along with quick reflexes and coordinated team-playing skills to defeat your enemy(s) in both, the small-scale fights and intensive 5 on 5 battles.

Strategizing and Evolving :

With regular updates from the gameplay designers, various maps and gaming modes, and many new champions consistently joining the League every now then.

Competing Your Way through :

Whether you are playing against bots or maybe indulged in climbing the ranks or levels of the league, this game right here has the technology to instantly match you up with a bunch of similarly-talented (level wise) players.

Fighting with and for your honor :

Competing against others and fighting with pride and honor, receiving special re-commendations from your fellow players for rewarding your remarkable sportsman’s spirit.

Experiencing e-Sports and tournaments :

Being the world’s most active online competitive arena, League of Legends organize various tournaments across the globe, including the phenomenal Championship Series where pros players compete for prizes worth of millions.

World’s Largest Active Online Gaming Platform :

Joining LOL you would be a part of the world’s largest active online gaming family, make friends, choose and form your own team and fight millions of opponents from nations across the world, connect through YouTube, the forums and many more platforms.



As per the gameplay of League of Legends, players happen to be in the role of an unseen “summoner” that has control over a “champion” having unique abilities and then they have to battle side by side against a team of bots or other players from anywhere in this world. The aim is generally to destroy the opposition’s “nexus”, a building which is located at the center of a base guarded by defensive towers. Every League of Legends battle is different from other, with each champions starting off as a quite weak player but gradually increasing their strength by collecting and holding on to items and gaining experience as time passes in game and they face more and more battles and compete in different challenges and tasks.

Across many matches, players start earning rewards that are limited and specific to an individual, and increase the number of matches played until. Player earns experience by playing and winning battles and head-on matches with time through a particular account. All players start their journey from level one and can progress and increase a maximum to level of 30. As the player continues playing and progressing they are able to unlock different maps and many other game modes that are not available to new players, and moreover some additional abilities which can be used in matches, known by name “summoner spells”. Players can also unlock “Runes” and “Masteries”, which are used to get bonuses for the player’s champion in the fight.

Every game mode uses automated matchmaking process based on the classic “Elo formula”, with proper adjustments. A player’s style and behavior is monitored while it’s engaged in matches, and players displaying poor behavior may lead one to subject to various sanctions.

League of Legends basically consists of three major maps, or so called “Fields of Justice” each having a unique terrain and features, missions and victory conditions, and home to different summoner spells and playing items. There was also a fourth map, “Crystal Scar”, which was however discontinued after certain time.


c7bc68f9776a2bf1738a00af8a70df5c_largeThe game was quite well received after it’s release initially, and is just growing in popularity with each day going by. At the end of July 2012, the very same game was the most played online battling PC game in Northern America and parts of Europe in respect of the number of hours invested and number of active players playing. By end of January 2014, more than 67 million people had played League of Legends every month, more than 27 million every day, and more than 7.5 million simultaneously during the peak gaming time.


Currently League of Legends is having a wide and active online competitive scenario that’s surely becoming large day by day. Also in North American and European countries, Riot Games( developers of league of legends ) organizes the League Championship Series, every now and then in Berlin and Los Angeles respectively, which involves of professional players and their teams in each continent. Similarly many regional tournaments also keep occurring in Taiwan, South America, South Korea, Southeast Asia and China. These regional tournaments are aligned with the yearly World Championship, which, had a large monetary award of $1 million and got almost 32 million people’s eyes on it online in 2013. The Championships further in 2014 and 2015, each gave away some of the highest prizes in the history of eSports, nearly 2.3 million dollars.

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