Pewdiepie’s youtuber simulator cheats, tips and strategies

Recently, Pewdiepie invented the new mobile Youtube simulator game for all the android and iPhone mobile devices.  Pewdiepie is a Youtube channel which has more than 47 million subscribers on Youtube channel. In this game you have to make different videos and upload them on youtube to get the highest number of views. More the number of viewers more will be the subscribers, so achieving subscribers requires people to view the uploaded video. Therefore, your videos should be so exciting and thrilling that it compels the viewer to stop and view your created video. There are few members who find problems in unlocking the new features, visiting rooms and getting more subscribers of tube simulator. For those I have written this guide full of pewdiepie’s youtuber simulator cheats tips and strategies. maxresdefault-6

Tip 1-

Track the new features- The very first thing that should be considered is following the latest trends. Videos that feature new trends are viewed more and get more subscribers. Keep track of the new trending topics on the ‘Make a video’ page.hqdefault-1

Tip 2-

 Buy room upgrade products- In pewdiepie’s youtuber simulator cheats, if you want to buy new upgraded items then you need to increase the number of viewers per video as views works as currency so more the views higher would be the currency. For example, if you create a video based on science skills and viewers find that video interesting then you will definitely get more views.

Tip 3-

Finish daily quests- In Tuber simulator you get quests which you should complete daily. Every day you get four quests for free and to fill another three you have to spend certain bucks for that. Benefit of filling every day quests is that they will increase the free viewers and subscribers of your video and in return will fetch you more currency.

Tip 4-

 Advance knowledge tree skills– In tuber simulation if you will increase your knowledge related to current topics you will earn more views on the given topic. Upgrading your knowledge requires two things to know: procuring skills based on the knowledge tree or purchasing room products related to that particular learnt skill. You have to use brain currency to purchase more skill based on knowledge tree itself. You can also collect unlimited viewers and subscribers for using pewdiepie’s youtuber simulator cheats and hack Mod Apk.

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