Phone Insurance!

Phones and their significance:

We live in an era where smartphones have climbed the peaks of popularity among the masses. Communication has become child’s play and letters or any other form of physical means of communication have become obsolete. Under such circumstances, it is quite understandable that most of us rely heavily on the proper functioning of these gadgets, without which our lives can come to a standstill. Many people invest heavily on smartphones due to the attractive features incorporated in them by the savvy manufacturers. But what about phone insurance? If someone happens to be paying heavily for the latest model available in the market, shouldn’t he/she be aware of the insurance options as well? Thankfully, there are plenty of options catering to this need perfectly. hero-mobile

Insurance options:

Many companies handle insurance specifically for phones and the reasons for claiming insurance generally encompass theft, accidental or liquid damage; all of which are valid situations which can happen to anyone. If a customer has experienced theft, he/she is expected to call the customer service of the company and report the incident so as to be allowed to fill in the claim form provided by the company. Of course, any claim needs to be substantiated with ample proof and documents and this submission is usually expected to be completed within a week of the incident’s occurrence.gadgets

In case of damage due to an accident or liquid infiltration, the company will attempt to repair the handset which will include certain fees. The repair is usually completed within a week or 10 days, but this time is again dependent on the availability of spare parts. The insurance plan can be purchased for any handset as long as the company supports the OS on the phone.

For those who have lost their device, the payment amount is usually decided by the company based on how old the handset was and its associated depreciation in market value. Data loss should not be a matter of concern because most companies have reliable data backup options which will instantly recover one’s data. Apart from these features, there are additional ones provided like phone-lock, data wipe, SIM card blocking, etc. in order to pose a hindrance to those who attempt theft.


There are numerous insurance companies which provide the mentioned services and most of their membership plans last for as long as a year. Those who wish to unsubscribe will be entitled to receive the appropriate refund. The customer care of each company usually deals with the initial phases of welcoming new customers and once the entire installation is complete, the customer is expected to pay his/her dues on time and the membership will keep getting renewed automatically.

While these features certainly instill a sense of relief in the minds of avid smartphone users, it is still advisable to take ample precautions while using one’s gadget. These devices, while extremely competent, are equally delicate and valuable, which is why they easily fall prey to theft or damage. This can be avoided by using extra care while handling one’s gadget and equipping it with anti-theft locks and so on. After all, prevention is better than cure, right?

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