Product Review: Cable-Free Usb Hub By Belkin

I acknowledge the fact that I am extremely addicted to electronic gadgets. No matter where I go, I am constantly patrolling for the latest and greatest consumer electronic gadget that will make our lives easier. Living in a fast-paced society, convenience is our best friend. We do not have time to waste products that will slow us down and cause more grief. When I discovered this handy little product I had to jump for joy. It was just what I needed for a little more convenience in my life.

The Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub was meant for consumers that need to connect their USB devices to their computers beyond the normal range. It is also a very good solution if you have been desiring to get rid of a cluttered mess of cables. Taking the initiative to create a clutter-free desktop should be everyone’s desire for a New Year. Once you gain freedom from a cluttered mess, you will rapidly start to notice how your productivity level for work will increase. After adding this wonderful device to your gadget collection, you will be able to connect your devices that work with USB technology beyond the regular 15-foot limit. You can learn more about these amazing USB cables on  along with all the different options and USB cable variants that are there in the market so that as you can make a better choice as you buy one of the USB cables.

Belkin’s Cable-Free USB Hub works with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology so that it will not interfere with any of your existing wireless devices. With a reasonable price and excellent organizational potential, many consumers will benefit from purchasing it. It includes the four-port USB hub with the UWB transceiver built-in, the USB extension base, and the UWB dongle. The base for the device will allow users to position the dongle in different positions for the best wireless reception. The drivers and software that come along with the unit will let you effortlessly pair the dongle with the wireless USB hub.

Most traditional USB hubs have an automatic plug and play technology without driver installation. The Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub requires driver installation because of its complex features. Despite having to do this task, it is still very simple and easy to get it up and running. After you have completed your installation process, you will have to run a utility and then enter the MAC address found on the bottom of the hub. Doing this will allow the wireless hub and the UWB dongle to pair with one another, just like other Bluetooth devices. You will only have to do this pairing task once.

Using the Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub with your other USB devices will produce splendid results. Not having everything jumbled together in one big cable mess is a definite bonus. Connecting USB printers, scanners, and other devices will be one of the easiest things you could do. Soon, you will notice that all of your devices will operate fully with no hiccups. Purchasing this device for your home business or small business will be a smart idea. Not only will it help you keep everything organized, but it will also provide you with useful technology with a lot of potentials.

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