Selecting a Day Care Facility: Considerations for Parents

Choosing to become a parent is not only an emotional and spiritual decision but also a financial decision. With American families becoming increasingly smaller in size, many couples are choosing to limit the number of children they have simply due to the financial impact of child-rearing. Of the financial stressors, child care has become one of the key impacts which, often, regulates when and if couples have children. 

In the United States, families are estimated to pay anywhere from $150 to $250 per week for childcare services. This fact, alone, creates a situation in which having multiple children is simply not an option. In families with multiple children, the challenge then becomes finding the right and appropriate childcare within a financial budget. This is where can be of great help. With its affordable services and childcare packages, you get a service provider with an impressive track record and affordable service. 

It is estimated that over 6.5 million children in the United States will be supervised, during the day, in some type of structured facility, not including grade school. For many of these children, licensed daycare centers have become the norm due to strict state standards for licensing and the offer of social networking for children.

In contrast to licensed daycares, many families still opt to hire the services of a nanny. While much costlier than a daycare facility, a nanny is a wonder childcare option, especially in families with very small children who require more one on one attention. The disadvantage to a nanny, however, is the inconvenience or lack of childcare in the even the nanny is sick or unavailable. Whereas in a daycare setting your child is always provided a safe place of supervision while the parent attends work or school. So, what are the points of interest we should consider when looking for a daycare center?

Because the cost of childcare services has reached record figures, there are key aspects of a daycare facility that parents should require in exchange for daycare tuition fees. First, be sure your daycare facility has an open-door policy in which parents are welcome at any time of the day. In fact, before placing your child in the facility, make an unannounced visit and spend half of the day watching and interacting with the children. In doing so, you can obtain a feel for the activities, supervision and various discipline methods used in the daycare location.

Also, when searching for a daycare facility, meet with the director of the facility and ask questions regarding not only the training and credentials of the daycare staff but also the rate of turnover. If the daycare facility is paying less than average hourly rates, odds are highly likely the daycare employees will leave for higher-paying wages which, in turn, leaves your child in a facility where there is some degree of instability. For small children, stability is crucially important and, when placed in a childcare location with high turnover, your child may begin to show signs of separation anxiety.

And, finally, ask the daycare center about the insurance coverage they carry. All too often, daycare facilities will carry only the minimum liability insurance required by the state in which they are licensed. To ensure the protection of your child, ask to review copies of the liability insurance certificates to be certain the facility carries not only commercial liability insurance but also auto insurance and insurance to protect your child in the event of loss attributed to, or caused by, a daycare employee.

With the cost of daycare increasing each year, American families often debate the use of childcare and, oftentimes, there is a consideration made to allow one parent to stay home. When this is not an option, and childcare must be obtained, using a nanny offers the most attractive service for your child. However, when unable to expend the cost for a nanny, the licensed daycare facilities in your area should be able to provide reasonable daycare for your child at a competitive, although high, tuition rate. When searching for the perfect daycare, utilize these tips to ensure your hard-earned money is invested in a facility that will provide the best care possible to your child.

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