Self-Engineered Entertainment

Above every other reason people who choose to travel by bus do so because it is economical. Hundreds of people travel by bus from KL to HatYai. The approximately eight hour long journey can be painfully boring.  Unlike taking a trip with your friends on a hired bus, who you sit next to on the bus is entirely up to chance. You can end up sitting next to a chatterbox, whining toddler or a person who doesn’t pick up on the hint that you’re wearing headphones to find some sort of entertainment and alone time.Bus to Hatyai

Keeping boredom at bay

Music is a great companion who won’t complain or talk to you about thing you have zero interest in. Good headphones have at least an eight hour battery life. Those with a memory card slot are much better because you listen to your own playlist.

A bus from KL to Hat Yai will most likely have Wi-Fi. You can ask about this service while you’re buying ticket online. With all the things to read on and watch on the internet, your ‘supposed to be boring’ trip could turn in to a learning experience or a good way to find entertainment you haven’t had for a while.

Bring interesting reading material with you. That stack of magazines at home you haven’t had time to read will be good way to keep boredom at bay. You can also buy that book people have been going on and on about.

Eight hours is a really wide window for you to see nature by just looking out the window. You can bring a camera with you to take shots of striking features.Bus to Hatyai


Some buses are fitted with screens on each seat for passenger entertainment. This however depends on class. A second class bus will most likely have those screens as well as air conditioners.

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