Shadowhawk Tactical X800

Extremes such as natural disasters and domestic terrorism continue to be on the rise and the need for a tactical flashlight is becoming a necessity. A practical and simple flashlight is said to provide a high lumen beam that will be able to help you, serving as a self defense weapon by itself. This is why the X800 tactical flashlights are the best in the market. best-flashlight-2014

Shadowhawk Tactical X800

Fit with enhanced LED flashlight the Shadowhawk Tactical X800 gives a good and sharp beam of light that has a range of versatile benefits that includes its use by tactical personnel, police and the people of America. This flashlight is available online only has quite a large demand for its make and effect. The X800 boasts to provide quality effect and a variety of benefits for its

Features of X800

The Shadowhawk Tactical X800 gets dispatched from a warehouse in China and is designed in the United States of America. The flashlight is suitable for individual who are security officer, outdoorsmen, hunter, hiker, fireman, fisherman, nature explorer, camper, preparation experts, and survival specialists.

  • 5 Zoom Focusing Telescopic Beam: X800 has the capacity to go 2000X, 1000X, 500X, 250X and 1X with its state of the art focusing and zooming flexibility.
  • Lumen LED Bulb XPE 800: This LED bulb promises to provide a minimum incandescent lighting of 40x and florescent light of 6x. The XPE light bulb is a unique feature of the Shadowhawk Tactical X800 which cannot be found in any other flashlight. The flashlight is waterproof for about 30 minutes in up to 6 feet water.
  • Preset Settings: The flash light is fit with a memory-mode coded Low, Medium, High, SOS and Strobe functional lighting options.
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum: When it comes to design fixtures this weatherproof X800 is said to be completely packed with ultra tough, superior strength, compact, lightweight and extra durable build.
  • Self Defense: It is said that the flash light is prepared with thoughtfulness in details that make it fit for even military-styled strategic planning. It is equipped with enhanced self-defense of crenellated strike bezel that makes this flashlight a great device that comes in handy at times of need.

Environmental control unit is a friendly way of calling the tactical flashlight and the X800 is popularly known as the top flashlight on police belts. The flashlight is said to be quite similar to the ones that Police Officers, US Search and Rescue, Military personnel and US Navy Seals use in day to day life. The Shadowhawk Tactical X800 flashlight is a solid buy for the price that you pay. You can use this flashlight regular for your everyday activities or you can use it specifically for trekking and camping in the wilderness. Either way, this flashlight will give you exactly what you expect from a typical flashlight- brilliant light to show your way. It goes a step further and acts as a self defense tool in times of need.

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