Speedy Lol Accounts For Speedy Players

Buy a lol account (League of Account) today. We deliver all League of Legends account instantly. Without doubt they also come with a Lifetime Warranty. You can select your lol account from any region according to your convenience such as from North America, Europe West, Oceana, Europe Nordic and East, Russia, Brazil and Public Beta Environment.

PayPal Payment and Reviews


The next detail that is important for opening a League of Legend account is payment. We use PayPal that is easy for transaction as well as a secure means of payment. You need not provide all your details and none of them will be stored, so there is no fear of important data being misused. You can trust us for our service by looking through customer reviews on LoL Smurfs. We have genuine customer reviews directly provided. We welcome reviews both positive and negative so it is unbiased review published. You may also observe that there are many five stars rating provided on our review. You can click on our review page to observe and then take decisions regarding our authenticity and efficiency.

Service and Contact Facilities

Now that you have decided to buy your League of Legends account with us, you will get more than you bargained for. We offer the best prices on all our League of Legends accounts and Smurfs across all the regions mentioned above. We will contact you immediately through your email providing your log in details. Our Lifetime Warranty covers you even in case of any ban.


We have a very low ban rate which occurs only when it most inevitable and even on that we provide a warranty. So in case of any problem or doubt we provide a 24×7 Account Support by which you can contact us. We will resolve any problem immediately either through live chat or email. Our support team provides best and courteous service. No matter what your doubts are or how silly they may sound, we realize that you need help and we will do our best to clear all such minor and major enquiries.

Your enquiries may be about Lol Smurfs; Purchase and delivery; LoL Account questions, Safety and Security questions, Payment questions, Warranty questions and many more which are dear to you. Feel free to contact us as we are most willing that you should be cleared of all doubts when you open lol account with us.

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