Starting Your Movie Collection

Everyone has a few (HD) DVDs or maybe Blu-Ray discs nowadays lying around of their favorite movies and could use a bit more to pass time or simply enjoy the nostalgia or sitting with a few special ones or even by their lonesome by watching the movies.

Such love has spawned gigantic DVD collections, which in some cases have grown to insurmountable proportions-however, even with the advent of the DVD collection being somewhat dated, it’s not too late to start one up, especially with the cheap prices DVDS can be obtained and the restoration of older movies taking place all the time. The most important thing before buying a movie is to see how many versions are available. Many a time when a movie is first released on DVD/Blu-Ray, another version of the movie will be released as uncut or extended or perhaps a 2-disc version with more special features. If you happened to be not able to wait, you might have spent close to twenty dollars for a version of the movie that now seems obsolete. The best thing to do is do your research.

Having a video library of your favorite movies is like a dream come true, which everyone aspires to have as it comes of great use where you can watch all the flicks at any point of time and experience the thrill that you did not get while watching it in a theatre. Cyberflix tv, torrent, watchmovies, etc. are some of the sites from where you can download movies from different genres.

The Star Wars Trilogy had been released a box set some time ago, however, as of this month, each of the original movies has now been released by themselves as a 2-disc set more along the lines of how the prequels were released. Sin City also saw a revised version which was extended, to which many fans surely found them selves with an obsolete version of the movie. Again, the best thing to do in this case is your research. News of an additional release is usually released so in most cases you won’t have to worry about being left in the dark.

In other cases for older movies, there will be several versions of a movie and there will yet to be a definitive release. An example would be the classic The Exorcist, which has an extended version with twelve minutes of additional footage and a collector’s set which includes a book on the making of the film and reprint of lobby cards. In cases such as these, you can either choose to wait to see if another version is ever released, or you can go with your judgment. Those of us with deeper wallets, why not just get both?

Price is the next most important aspect. Once you’ve found the best version of the movie you’d like to purchase, just how much are you willing to spend on it? Keep in mind that you’re looking to build a collection not just get one movie that you might be craving more than a few others. However, if that is the case, then once again, a judgment call must be made. The quality of your collection or the quantity. Many a time you will be able to find the best deals online or in rental stores which have more than enough movies.

Keep an eye out for 3 for $20 or 3 $15 deals, as these are some of the best buys you can come across when searching for movies, even better than the internet in which you’ll have to pay for shipping.

As with buying anything that might be used, make sure to protect yourself. Return policies and guarantees are something that you should develop a keen eye for. There’s nothing worse than finding that prized copy of Apocalypse Now Redux, only to find out that it’s scratched to all hell and you’ve not way to return it.

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