Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Custom Stage Builder

Simply put, gamers have bought and will buy Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Nintendo Wii because of its multiplayer action. The fun factor of brawling with your friends is off the charts, and the Wii version of Super Smash Bros. has now introduced the Custom Stage Builder, which allows you to fully customize your multiplayer experience.

Many players were undoubtedly excited by the news that they’d have the chance to construct their own stages. And rightfully so. Let’s face it, many of the stages built by our friends at Nintendo aren’t fit for the serious gamer. Many stages have multiple gimmicks that interfere with the skill involved in defeating your opponents. Some have likened these gimmicks to the use of items, they just shouldn’t be tolerated. Still, others enjoy the creativity of the plethora of maps that Nintendo has provided, and their number surely is impressive.

Whether you appreciate the pre-created maps or not, it doesn’t matter, because with the Custom Stage Builder you can produce any type and style and size of stage you like! Serious gamers will undoubtedly look to produce “standard” maps (like Battlefield, an un-gimmicked Pokemon Stadium, or Final Destination) that suits their playing group, this can easily be found at Situs Slot Online, which will provide you with all the essential features that are necessary for the game. A “standard” map is a relatively plain and small map with little to no extras. Many consider Battlefield or Final Destination to fit this description the best. With the Custom Stage Builder, you are free to do this. Small maps are generally best (even for four-player Brawls), because this eliminates the comeback advantages of certain characters.

This brings up a major point – consider making maps to fit your character preferences. If you play as Pit (whose comeback is simply unfair, then creating as large a stage as your friends will allow would be best). If you play as Marth or Ike or King Dedede, you’ll want smaller maps so you can easily KO your opponents off the sides of the map at low percentages. If you play as a downkicking character such as Falco, Mario, Wolf, or Marth, consider putting some holes in your map for you to downkick opponents. Remember to be the one to select your map when you brawl your friends!

Platforms are a crucial aspect to remember. Platforms give texture to the playing field. The varying levels allow for more variety in landings and attacks. Platforms make edge-guarding and coming back more dynamic – there will be more guessing games in off-level situations if there are a number of landing zones instead of merely the edge. Remember to place platforms high enough off of the main ground layer so that simple up-smash moves cannot reach enemies on the platforms above. A final consideration is the number of levels of platforms you will employ. Do you want two levels (like Pokemon Stadium), or three (as in Battlefield)? The choice is, naturally, yours, and each choice grants new strategic opportunities on the Brawl battlefield. Remember to continue to create maps to open up new editing tools which will further your map-creating endeavors. After creating five maps you’ll receive your first editing kit. Then play any of your created levels fifteen times to receive the next kit. There are many new toolkits, so keep creating to unlock them all!

After creating the greatest map ever, remember to upload it online so that others can share in your genius and experience your creation!

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