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I’m continually surprised when I talk to men about their romantic relationships to be asked the question, “How do you find sweet things to say to your girlfriend?“. And, it appears to be a major relationship issue for many guys no matter how long they’ve been involved with their partner.

Of course, finding something nice to say to the woman you love has many advantages. For instance, it’s a great way to get her out of a bad mood or a useful tactic you could employ to avoid an argument. Therefore, being able to say sweet things to your girlfriend or wife is a necessary skill that many men need to develop.

However, don’t get me wrong, being complementary to your significant other isn’t something like using practiced, automated responses, going out to Viagra Kaufen, or words were spoken without true feeling or emotion. Nor is it a way to avoid unpleasant situations in relationships where things need to be resolved. Timing and the appropriateness of the things you say are important.

Also, when you say sweet things to your girlfriend, you have to mean what you say, otherwise, she’ll see straight through you, and that’s something most women are very good at!

Why Do Some Guys Find It Hard To Say Sweet Things To Their Girlfriend?

This point probably alludes to why a lot of men find it difficult to say nice things to their girlfriends. They aren’t good at showing their emotions or saying what they really feel. Laying themselves bare and open goes against the old “macho image” thing!

Guys, it’s a real pity if this out-dated, male belief still exists in your relationship. Because making a conscious effort to break this pattern and surprising your woman by saying sweet things to her can really ignite the passion in your relationship, allowing you to experience something you’re missing out on!

Obviously, every woman is different (Doh!) Coming up with a one-size-fits-all system for finding sweet things to say to your girlfriend would be impossible as well as dumb! You need to know what pleases her and, of course, this will vary from woman to woman. Therefore, instead of attempting to put together a list of 1001 of nice things to say, use the following as suggestions or starting points for your thought process.

But, before you begin guys, a word of warning!

Carefully consider the context and timing of your “sweet words” of love.

For example, if your girlfriend is just about to head off on a ‘girl’s night out’ with her friends, you’d be well-advised not to utter those sweet things. It would make you appear needy and clingy or worse still, that you want to control where she goes and what she does.

But, on the other hand, saying sweet, complimentary things to your girlfriend over a candle-lit dinner would come across as loving, heartfelt, and extremely romantic!

4 Quick Tips for Coming Up With Complimentary Things To Say To Your Girlfriend.

1. Compliment her on the way she looks. You could comment on how much you like her hairstyle or color, her make-up, or her fashion sense. And, don’t forget to mention her shoes. It’s an accessory almost all women take great pride in getting right!

Even though complimenting your girlfriend on her appearance may sound a little sexist to some people, it’s not intended that way. I believe if they’re really being honest, everyone, both males and females, likes to know they “look” attractive.

2. Compliment her personality. Obviously, it’s one of the reasons that drew you to her, so let her know much you like the way she says and does things. Tell your girlfriend how you appreciate and admire her inner beauty.

3. Does she have any particular skills or abilities? Everyone likes to be noticed for being able to do something well. Perhaps your girlfriend is:

handy at house repairs very skillful at arts and crafts

Then let her know. Making her feel special about what she does is a good basis for sweet comments.

4. There are a number of things you could say about her sexuality. Even if you haven’t been totally intimate, saying how you love the way she kisses you, holds your hand, or how just the mere touch of her makes you melt, can make her feel great.

Hopefully, these few starting points for discovering sweet things to say to your girlfriend will get you thinking. And, once you get going, you’ll become an unstoppable force in coming up with the right words at the right time to show the woman in your life just how much you love and respect her.

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