The Best Things About Color Switch Android App

Playing online games is one of the reasons why people buy Android smartphones. There are thousands of different games available in the Android app store. Today, there are new app games that will make your day and turn your dull moments into lively ones. One cool game existing in Android smartphones is Color Switch Android app. This can be downloaded in to get the fun started.

Online Color Switch Game


If you seek for a new engaging and challenging game, Color Switch an ideal choice. It is like a puzzle game (tap-based) that will give you great challenges through obstacles. Here, you should be able to move through these obstacles and wait for the color matching the controlled character on-screen. Furthermore, as you progress, there will be additional layers of challenge that make the game more difficult. You will also change colors periodically in every course.

Game Rules

Color Switch is a mobile game app that has a very simple rule for every player. You have to take full control of the dot or small ball on your device screen. Your aim is to reach another level by moving through several moving obstacle sets which bar your way.

On the other hand, this sounds so simple yet it is a big challenge for the actual gamers. Make sure that you will react quickly to stay alive in the pace of every level. One wrong move means exploding of your character into tiny colorful bits. And, you will start over again.


Your score after each level depends on how you performed for such level. The points come into the form called stars and these can be used to purchase new designs and appearances for the character. gives you the best experience and makes your brain work. This is the game of strategizing and proper timing.

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