The Larsen Truss Super Insulated Double Wall Frame System

The Larsen Truss super insulated wall system uses a system of double framing to create energy efficient walls. Two wall frames, one for the outer wall that is load bearing- meaning it supports the roof, and an inner frame that does not.

The two walls are twelve inches deep. When the outside sheathing is applied and the inner wall material is in place, the wall is filled with tightly packed cellulose insulation. This allows the walls to have an R-value of 40 or more, nearly three times conventional housing. Heating and cooling bills are drastically reduced.

In two story houses, the floor is also double-framed. In addition to super insulation, this allows for noise control without having to buy expensive materials. The builders in pa should consider the insulation of the new construction of homes. The noise of the house will be controlled through the insulation system. 

The inner walls are frequently made from rough-hewn lumber obtained from local mills. Unfortunately, not all houses are near such businesses.

Since the inner wall is not structural, reclaimed lumber can be used. Be careful not to use any lumber treated with chemicals that could compromise air quality. Inspect all reclaimed lumber for insect damage, and only use the amount necessary.

According to an article by Robert Riversong, a green homebuilder and an expert in the Larsen Truss framing system, the super insulated walls add no more than 5% to the cost of new construction. The benefits of lower energy bills all year long, along with comfort, are evident.

The only drawback seems to be in lost floor space. For existing homes, the loss of space could be an issue. Perhaps choosing to add a six-inch deep inner frame and using a spray foam insulation could be an alternative. That would add insulation while not losing a significant amount of floor space.

Framing around windows and doors must also be taken into consideration. The windows and doors would initially look as if they are recessed into the wall, but window seats, shelves and other decorating options would bring out their beauty.

Changing the windows from inefficient single-panes to double-paned, energy-star rated windows will also save money in the end.

Before adding or building with the Larsen Truss system, check with local building codes. There should be no problem with building a new home with Larsen framing or with adding an inner frame to an existing structure.

Consideration of adding super insulation to an existing home isn’t just for the existing homeowner or resident. Banks and mortgage companies are lending money for energy-efficient homes, and higher rents could be charged because less money is needed for heating and cooling.


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