The New Addition In The Android Game World – 8 Ball Pool

As online games become more visually exciting, there are lots of people getting obsessed in front of their gadgets and even with computer screens. There are online games that interact with wizards and monsters, protect clans and even play some sport games such as basketball, car racing and etc. In today’s online gaming world, there’sa new craze which becomes an addiction to online gamers for both girls and boys of all ages. 8 ball pool is the new addiction most especially to the youth today. It has an 8 ball pool tool which can help the players to win an 8 ball pool game as much as possible.8ballpool-new

8 Ball Pool Mania

In 2008, Mini clip had launched a game which they fittingly christened 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool. The game was described as a simple variation of the classic 8 Ball Pool. The primary objective of the game is to pot as many balls as possible before the timer runs out in order to secure a high score. The balls that would fall into the pot or hole would add additional time to the clock and would extend your excitement to the game. This game has been complex and highly addictive.

According to the online game analysts, it had one million active players and was considered as one of the most played games on Miniclip. The tournament is very playable and awesome, as you get competitive challengers and champions from the online gaming world. Theplayers can set their own targets, goals and objectives and they can decide which achievement to pursue first.

Actually, there is no specific goal in the game other than being victorious and gaining triumph as many matches as possible and levelling up. When in battle, players can connect and communicate with chat packs that allow players to contact each other using the chat box and messages, some of which includes good luck, well played and I quit.8ballpool-newIn this online game, 8 ball pool tool is a big help since you can easily win the game by choosing the right ball using straight line to pocket. By just setting the frame to the table’s holes or pockets and by setting the middle circle on cue ball, you can easily pot and aim the ball to the desired pockets and win the 8 ball pool game as much as possible.

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