Top 5 Car Accessories Of 2020

It is really important that you keep yourself safe as you drive. Just like that, there are certain car accessories that you should always keep in your car. You might already be familiar with the importance of things like but in this article, we are going to take a look at all the latest gadgets that are not only handy but also keep you safe as you drive. 

  • Stinger

This is a really useful tool that you can use in order to escape from your car during an accident. This is a small handy device that you can use to shatter the glass of your vehicle easily so that you can escape quickly. You also get a hidden slim blade that you can use to cut through seat belts during emergencies. 

  • USB Charger

With everything going modern and compact, we now have USB chargers that are really useful for travelers as they can charge their mobile phones and other devices on the go. These USB chargers are really affordable and keep your mobile charged all the time making it more convenient for you. 

  • Dash Cam

With the help of a dash cam, you can record your road journey and that makes it a great tool through which you can also determine the fault in case you suffer an accident. Moreover, your location is also recorded as you install a dash cam in your car. 

  • Heads-up Display

This is a futuristic display that allows you to navigate your vehicle without constantly looking at your mobile phone. Most of the expensive cars out there come with this technology, however, you can also get one for yourself in order to make your driving safer and more convenient. 

  • Car Key Finder

This is a really great and practical tool for people that end up losing their car keys. As you lose your car keys, you had to pay a lot in order to get a new set of keys. This is where this gadget will help you in keeping your car keys with you all the time. 

These are the top 5 car accessories that every car owner should have. 


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