What Kind of Facebook Game Player Are You?

As of 2012, Facebook has almost 1 billion active users. And if you are one of those active users, you probably think there are nearly as many game applications you can play on Facebook. There aren’t quite that many, but Facebook gaming has become cottage industry and the vast majority of Facebook users play at least one Facebook game. Not every plays these games the same way. Read on to see what kind of Facebook game player you are. The tricks of the sellers should be smart so that there will be increase in the league of legends accounts for sale. The reviews of the game should be in the notice of the players so that it will increase the interest of the players in the video game. 

The Spammer

Quote: You’ve picked your 5 millionth potato. Click here for a bonus potato.

The spammer is the worst enemy of the casual Facebook user. The spammer fills everyone else’s Facebook pages with posts about farming, cooking, building castles, and killing mafia bosses. This may be because the spammer is simply addicted to the game and these posts provide tangible benefits to the spammer in progressing in the game, but often it is simply because the spammer doesn’t even realize they are posting every little triumph in the game to other people’s pages. Sadly, the most common spammers are parents and grandparents who found a neat little game and don’t fully understand what happens every time the click the share button.

The Idler

Quote: Bored now.

The idler is the kind of person who is actually usually quite organized. The idler tends to play quick games that do not require daily practice in between other activities. If the idler has 20 minutes until the dryer is done or 10 minutes before code compiles, that is enough time to play a Facebook game. Stay at home parents are the most common idler, though anyone with gaps of inactivity at work is also likely to be an idler.

The Socializer

Quote: Did you see that I scored 98 points for the word ‘sasquatch’?

The socializer only wants to play games that have some group dynamic. Primarily this includes competitive games like Words with Friends or some form of poker. Most socializers prefer to play with friends they know in real life, though some actually meet new people in the games they play and then friend them on Facebook. If one of your friends suddenly has 100 new friends that you’ve never heard of and that live all over the world, your friend is probably a socializer.

The Fanatic

Quote: Oh no! It is 4:02. I am late to collect my income in Mafia Land!

The good news about the fanatic is that the fanatic isn’t addicted to World of Warcraft. The bad news is that the fanatic is addicted to some Facebook that is just about equally likely to lead to poor hygiene, bad social skills, and sleepless nights. Due to the very nature of many Facebook games, the fanatic probably has to schedule every other activity around playing the game. Extreme examples of the fanatic likely spend more real world money playing the game than they would for any monthly subscription game. On a positive note, the fanatic is usually one of the top players of the game and can demand bragging rights due to that.

The Dilettante

Quote: Have you heard of this new game on Facebook?

For every Facebook user there exists a game that is appealing. For some Facebook users, every game is appealing, for about two weeks. The dilettante enjoys a wide variety of games, but is never satisfied with any. When a friend starts playing a new game, so does the dilettante, usually to the exclusion of one or more games the dilettante was previously playing. For the social games this can be particularly frustrating for everyone except for the dilettante. The dilettante doesn’t care though, because the new game is totally awesome, just like all the other new games were.

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