Why South Korea’s Gaming Giants Are Storming?

South Korea’s Judi Online tycoons are fast storming into digital currencies. One of the first adopters of cryptocurrency since 2017, the country houses one of the biggest markets for Bitcoin and Ether. The South Korean governments as well as major industries are extremely supportive of the rising crypto wave. And the nation’s gaming industry is a big player here. The country’s gaming and tech leaders such as Nexon, Netmarble, Smilegate etc. are hopeful of blockchain big time. Nexon is the 2nd largest company to invest in digital currency in South Korea. The company has already acquired a huge share of the nation’s first crypto exchange.


So, why is that the country’s gaming scene pinning high hopes on cryptocurrency and blockchain? Well, primarily because cryptocurrency is the future. Blockchain has revolutionized almost everything today. The nation’s gaming scene believes blockchain and cryptocurrency will render a competitive edge to the gaming companies here. And it will eventually to help them to stand out with a fresh business model in the most cut-throat international gaming markets.

Most importantly, South Korean gaming leaders are looking forward to heighten their revenue through adoption of cryptocurrency. For those uninitiated, the national gaming industry does not allow trading of game goodies with regular fiat money. It certainly hurts the sales figures of these gaming giants since fiat has been the most popular payment system for long. But there is no such restriction regarding cryptocurrency. So, these gaming companies now want to use blockchain technology which will allow them to use cryptocurrency to exchange game items. They can then later exchange that into fiat currency.


Interestingly, leading South Korean gaming company Netmarble has recently announced about delving further into blockchain technology to amp up its business. Speculations are rife the gaming giant may even come up with its signature cryptocurrency which could be something like “Netmarble Coin”.

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