Work From Home Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Data-entry jobs from home are simpler and cleaner if you’re looking forward to earning some money without much hard work. However, they sure take time as they’re quantitative than qualitative, and you can either work offline or online. Most of the jobs are work from home data entry oriented where you can earn around $200 per month. Your income, however, depends on the type of work; hours spent working, typing speed, your vocabulary and in the end your qualification, as well. Also, 90% of the data entry jobs ask for investment as a security and for a person who’s looking for a job in first place, it is not easy. On the other hand, here’s a list of jobs you can look up to where you don’t have to invest anything and get maximum earning.

Captcha Entry:

 Entering the Captcha text (also known as ReCaptcha) is the most prominent data entry jobs. Income is a bit less, but the vacancies are plenty for everyone. You’ll be provided with software through which you have to either log in and type the characters from the Captcha or you will be asked to make accounts.

Copy Paste:

In this field, you need to copy the text from an Excel sheet or a Word and paste it into another file. It is very easy, but one has to be very careful. English is mandatory as you need to understand the things and write them properly.



As the name says, the name is the minimum where one can earn around $200 in a month working on simpler tasks. There are tonnes of sites that provide jobs as micro workers where the data task differs from one day to another day. This is best recommended if you’re looking for part time jobs.


Survey filing for different research and development sites is another job that you can opt for. What are these surveys, if you ask? They are the questionnaires of a particular company (for example the manufacturing companies like Samsung, Apple where customer feedback is needed for the better design of their product. These companies approach the marketing firms for the survey filling. Therefore, all you need to do is fill few forms for different sites and you will be paid per form basis.

Basic Typing:

Typing is the most crucial thing in the data entry jobs. One should have an immaculate typing speed of around 30-80 words per minute. You don’t need any additional skills other than the typing speed for this job. You’ll be given a text file in the form of PDF or image from which you need to type the words into a Word document.


Medical Transcription:

Most popular among the data entry jobs, it involves typing the text from the medical books to word documents. Usually, the text sources include hard medical terms which are difficult to read and spell and therefore the time to be invested will be high. Also, you need to have a great vocabulary, good grammar and ability to interpret things for this job. The pay is also high as the work and sometimes you have to write things while listening to them on phone.

Content Writing:

Not a stereotypical data entry job, but it can be listed under the same. Here, the publishers will ask you write articles for them by giving you a particular topic or the keyword. You need to research about the topic and form content on your own. Content Writing is not easy and is one of the finest jobs that you can find as a freelancer.

Catalog Operator:

 Catalog operating is about creating inventory lists in Microsoft Excel. An inventory usually consists of products, their descriptions, the serial numbers, product name, price, no in stock and other details. These jobs are usually offered from online portals like Amazon, Flipkart to any small firms with similar business strategies.

Medical Coding:

Here, you have to write the codes for various medical products including the medical ingredients in them. Therefore, experience is crucial in this case.

Email Processing:

This job is all about processing the accounts. You need to go through the emails and find what they’re about. The job can be exciting but is highly quantitative involving thousands of emails on a daily basis.

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