Working at Home 101

Decades ago, the terms ‘˜work’ and ‘˜home’ would not even have had a chance of being in the same sentence. These days, anyone with a stable internet connection and have time to spare can actually earn money working over legitimate work online offered by Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 by James Scholes.

Here’s the real deal about real work, some tips that can help you ease your way towards a new working experience.

  • Where to look for real work.

Beware of scams online. Check out the background/profile of online companies before signing up for them. It may require more effort on your end, and you may have to build your reputation slowly before getting more opportunities.

Freelance work will still be work — when you have fully understood that concept, you will not have much trouble weeding out the scams from the real offers. If you find a job that sounds too good and too easy, then it may not be legitimate. Also, never trust companies who would ask you to pay some money first before working.

  • Best bets for beginners.

Top job options for beginners are writing and/or administrative assistant jobs of which there has been an explosion in growth with the growth of the internet. When doing freelance writing, you would usually be hired to write about various topics within a timeframe specified by your employer. As an administrative assistant, you will be asked to manage office-related jobs such as making reports, handling phone calls, or responding to emails. Both jobs are highly popular as companies now prefer outsourcing these positions. Read more about the options for how to become an administrative assistant.

  • How to Apply for a Job.

Once you have your eyes set on a post, you should proceed just as you do on applying for a regular job. Update your resume and highlight your skills as it is related to the work you are applying for. Prepare a cover letter and express why you should be hired for the job. Hiring companies also undergo screenings or ‘˜interview’ to get to know applicants and you can expect the same set of procedures done for office-based jobs.

  • What to expect when hired.

Working at home and online is a lot like working in an office environment. You will be required to log in hours, and/or fulfill the needed requirements. Since you will be working within the comfort of your home, it will be best if you have your own set of office equipment to make your job easier. A desktop/computer/laptop with a 24/7 internet connection will be your easiest bet, and then you can provide yourself with a printer or other basic office essentials as you go along.

The best thing about working at home is a chance to do your work on your own time (unless your employer requires that you should be online during specific hours). Online work can be challenging, but it is also rewarding. Once you have made your adjustments, you will find it easy and manageable.

Working from home is a dream of many new moms who do not want to put their children in daycare full time. You can read more in this article about four great job options for new moms. Don’t give up on your dreams, to stay home with your kids if you want to. There are plenty of options that can give you the income you want and the chance to be with your young children.

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